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Mirroring our servers/install

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by iofast, May 19, 2008.

  1. iofast

    iofast Guest


    I am currently researching methods to create a backup server in the event our main server crashes for one reason or another. We currenlty have 2 dedicated servers from our hosting provider - a slightly older machine with Fedora Core 4 and Plesk 8.2 and a newer machine that is still being provisioned that will have Fedora Core 7 and I would assume a newer version of Plesk. Once our new server is provisioned we have some goals in place we would like to accomplish and were seeking some advice as to how best to do this.

    1. Copy all of our existing websites over to our new server and additionally the configuration tweaks we have made to Apache or PHP. Using the tools in Plesk I beileve we can easily migrate all of the clients, domains, etc over - however - migrating our tweaks to PHP and Apache configuration files that we may have done wouldn't come across in this method. Is there a good method to do thigns like this that anyone has devised?

    2. Once our new server is setup to match that of our old server we want to update the Operating System on our old server to bring it up to date. I have done some digging around the internet and it appears that upgraiding from Fedora Core 4 to the latest is a fairly straight forward process involving rpm and yum. While I say this process appears to be fairly straight forward I realize their is a good liklihood that something will fail during this procss and it may bad enough where we need to switch over to our new server to be the web host which is why we want to make sure step 1 is working 100% before moving to this step.

    3. If all goes well with the first two steps we should have two nearly identical web servers both capable of hosting our websites. Once we are at this phase we would like to implement a system to keep our plesk config, websites code and databases up to date on both servers. We've been browsing around a bit but haven't come across a great solution to do this - most likely we are just overlooking a good solution. Is anyone aware of a good automated solution to do this? It seems like we could purge all clients and websites on our new server everynight and pull them over again but obviously that's heavily inneficient as their will be plenty of nights where the only changes are log files and databases so it seems like an incremental solution would be best.

    Thanks for your time. I look forward to your replies!