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Missing MySQL?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by speakparrot, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. speakparrot

    speakparrot Guest

    Hello all, I'm needing to do a little database editing and am having trouble locating phpMyAdmin. According to what I've read up on I should be able to gain access to it by clicking on "DB Web Admin". However nothing happens when I click on it, I've tried it with and without the db's box checked and still, nothing.

    If anyone has any suggestions for me I'd greatly appreciate it. I'm somewhat of a n00b at Plesk so pardon my ignorance if the answer is blatantly obvious.

    Thanks guys!

    (PS. another developer on the site has already built his DB - Is it possible he installed phpMyAdmin elsewhere on the server instead of accessing it through the control panel?)
  2. Rico Kerster

    Rico Kerster Guest

    Hey speakparrot

    I just use plesk once in a while (when our webdevelopers do have a problem), as far as I know the phpmyadmin window is a new window (like a pop up) so be sure you don't have pop-ups blocked + javascript disabled.

    And yes you can install phpmyadmin somewhere on the server, there are many tutorials on how to do that, ( I did that too, it's far more comfortable). Installing it on the server doesn't have something to do with Plesk, so you're completely free this way.

    Kind regards
  3. speakparrot

    speakparrot Guest

    Ah! Thank you so much! The popup blocker was indeed the issue. I'm surprised Plesk hasn't put a note about that on the page as not all browsers notify you when a popup is being blocked.

    Thanks again for your help! :)