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Modernbill issues...

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by ryansalazar, Jan 22, 2006.

  1. ryansalazar

    ryansalazar Guest

    Hello all,

    I've been trying (it feels like for decades now) to setup an automated solution so when clients sign-up for service the account is instantly created. I've tried ModernBill but the support was horrible and if was a little pricey for a small company. I then found MBlicenses.com and tried them. Well, the account was setup and paid for...and I paid for all the goodies around Christmas time...I'm still waiting for my account to be fully setup by them. The support has been horrible. Anyone have suggestions? I really need an easy, automated system....can't afford HSPcomplete yet but will in the next year.


  2. matija

    matija Guest

    I'm also looking for some affordable (or even better - free) billing system... it even doesn't have to be synchronized with Plesk, I can create billing accounts manually... anyone with good advice?
  3. Traged1

    Traged1 Guest

    You can lease a full copy of Modernbill for around $25 per month. And it can be setup to use plesk api to automatically setup client s and accounts. There are still a few small bugs but all in all it is pretty good and well worth the$25 per month.
  4. nethosts

    nethosts Guest

    ModernBill 4 works well with Plesk 7.5 for Windows.

    Sounds like you went to a reseller who does not have very good support levels.

    You can also get better prices and there are a few good certified modernbill resellers who would be able to help you.
  5. billw@

    billw@ Guest


    Let me tell all of you something like a brother: Modernbill would be your *WORST* possible choice for billing system in the universe. Whoever says anything like "Installation is easy" or "Best billing" or "Simple to use" is either president of the modernbill (Who by the way seem to be one of the two total employees there) or one s-ucker who doesn't even know what modernbill is. There are very few that got very lucky and their modernbill went through fine but even those, they don't know that some of their customers are not paying at all but in modernbill shows as they are.

    Support: There is maybe one or two other companies in the industry with worse support than Modernbill. These jokers didn't even take time to update their V5 link which still goes to V4. poor customers read the link and at the end they'll see OOPS, modernbill purposely put V4 manual instead of V5 because their smart-content-writer hasn't finished it yet and they had to put something there (Right?)

    Feature Development: Modernbill people get the polls but after poll results are released, they go with a selection method called "Choose Least voted". I think they are not capable of see what people want and go that way. Let me give you an example; Check other forums and see what Registrar most people voted on, Directi. What modenrbill developed? hmmm, let me think; NOT DIRECTI. what the heck do they conduct a poll then?

    Payment gateways also s-ucks as ever; pretty much nothing works except modernAuthorize and modernSSL (which coincidentally are the Modernbill products!!!)

    If you pass the installation step, which is everything but smooth, you will end up with one buggy product that for every error you see, you'll later find out that "This is a *KNOWN* issue with modernbill and they are working on it and there is no ETA"...

    Long story short, again if you want a wise advice from someone who has been working in this field for over 10 years, I would say search for billing software and don't go with modernbill at all, under any circumstance whatsoever; it will make you cry sooner or later. and i mean CRY. Now if you want to be a cry-baby, go with modernbill

    I also won't be surprised if Modernbill "People" delete my post here since I think it may cause them to loose their customers (or is it??) For me though; i think even educating one person is a plus.

    as far as the advice, HSPComplete is a perfect solution but it's a bit pricy. You get what you pay for my friend; Again, anything else is better than modernbill;

    By the way, I posted this on their forum and they disabled my account