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Moving a domain to a new Plesk controlled server

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by check.nl, Feb 11, 2005.

  1. check.nl

    check.nl Guest

    Hi there,

    Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to move a complete domain including databases, mailaccounts etc to a new server?

    At the moment we have one server and we bought another at a different company and now I want to move some of the domains there.

    Please help me out!

  2. Animaze

    Animaze Guest

    Plesk Migration Manager?

    Not sure if you are moving over from a control panel-based server - like Plesk, Ensim, etc., but if so, you should be able to make use of Plesk 7.5's Migration Manager. It alows you to transfer domains and all the data for several competing control panels including earlier versions of Plesk.

    Beyond using that, I imagine you could use rsync to transfer your directories and files from one server to the other.
  3. jdstevens

    jdstevens Guest

    You may wish to use ncftp -R rather than rsync to move stuff. I had better results with respect to file modes. I temporarily granted shell access to the domain owner and used recursive ftp to get the http docs. I temporarily granted shell access to popuser to move the mail directories to the Plesk server and maitain appropriate modes.

    I tried using rsync as root and ended up with some improper ownership and permission modes. Granting temporary shell access to the appropirate account for the transfers seems to work well.

    I've been moving stuff from a system without any control panels to a Plesk 7.5.2 system.
  4. Animaze

    Animaze Guest

    That's good to know jdstevens.

    I'm actually in the same process at the moment.
    Not to confuse things, but wouldn't rsync -a -e over SSH maintain file permissions and everything?

    Also, would scp be worth a look?

    Just wondering - and for others that may want to know. Take care.
  5. jdstevens

    jdstevens Guest

    Yes, rsync will maintain permissions and ownership. That is what I found to be the problem. The permissions and ownership on the Plesk server needed to be a bit different than the way they were on the old server. I was running as root on the Plesk server. rsync dutifully copied the file attributes from the old server. I found that ncftp excecuted by the appropriate local user populated the destination with appropriate values.

    rsync may accomplish the same purpose if run as the appropriate user. After I found a working solution using ncftp in recursive mode, I did not do additional checking of rsync.

    Another consideration with rsync is whether it will remove files in the destination that are not present in the source. Sometimes that is the desired behaviour and sometimes not.