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MS SQL database limitations

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by jahsh420, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. jahsh420

    jahsh420 Guest

    How do we go about limiting the size of a database for clients. We currently have a remote SQL server that we are using. Will Plesk know how large the database is? We don't want people uploading Gigs and gigs to their database when they are only allocated 200MB of web space in the Plesk control panel. Any input on this is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  2. bmorejon

    bmorejon Guest

    Can your clients create tables in their SQL Server Databases ?

    I can´t :mad: It say that I dont have permission
  3. jahsh420

    jahsh420 Guest

    We havent even tried yet, this whole windows thing is new to me. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  4. bmorejon

    bmorejon Guest

  5. jahsh420

    jahsh420 Guest

    I haven't heard of any problems creating tables, but I have an unrelated question. We have a similar setup, our SQL server is a seperate server as our Plesk server. When we create a database on our Plesk server it creates the SQL server on the remote server just fine, but when we login to access the database we can see all the default databases (master, temp, northwind, etc). How can we make it so these aren't visible. This is going to cause more support than necessary for us. Thanks in advance.
  6. GMSoftware

    GMSoftware Guest

    The database size limitation is an important issue, no matter if SQL Server runs on a separate box or not. If the SQL instance runs on the same box as Plesk, there is apparently no way to control the maximum size of each database file either.

    I am really interested in learning how we can control these kinds of settings from Plesk. Two possible solutions:

    (1) either specify the maximum database size instead of allowing the database to automatically grow

    (2) or have a way to specify that the database file (and log file) should reside within the FTP account of the domain, therefore limiting the database size to the hosting space allocated to the domain or to the client.

    Does anybody know how to do this through Plesk? Or are we required to manually control these settings?


  7. AndiC_UK

    AndiC_UK Guest

    I have heard of people with Linux and mysql using disk quotas. However, this can be complicated to setup as it uses the systems user accounts and would have to do this manually for each database, you show be able to do the same in windows. I agree that specifying the owner’s domain’s ftp path for storage of the databases is a good idea because it should use plesks quota system, however, if you did find a way, you would have to manually setup each database.
    unless code could be added to plesk to do this.

    good luck and keep me informed