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MS SQL - how to hide default DBs (master, northwind,etc)

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by jahsh420, Sep 3, 2004.

  1. jahsh420

    jahsh420 Guest

    We setup a Plesk server and have our SQL server on a seperate server as our Plesk server. When we create a database on our Plesk server it creates the SQL server on the remote server just fine, but when we login to access the database we can see all the default databases (master, temp, northwind, etc). How can we make it so these aren't visible. This is going to cause more support than necessary for us. Thanks in advance.
  2. WebCTRL

    WebCTRL Guest

    MSSql requires these databases Masters, Msdb and Tempdb
    all other databases that are installed by default (Northwind...) can be removed.

    To hide the system databases Masters, Msdb and Tempdb, you will have to make a change in the asp.net entreprise manager, to not display them as part of the list.

  3. dwdietz

    dwdietz Guest


    So how do we make that change?
  4. WebCTRL

    WebCTRL Guest

    This application is a .Net. app
    Go to IIS 6, under Websites you willl see sqladmin ( default )

    The application is there:
    in folder _classes open Databases.vb using notepad and look for Public Sub LoadObjects ()

    You will need to make the changes to not display system tables, by using
    Visual basic for .Net or any other .Net compatible products
    and recompile the ASPEnterpriseManage.dll with the changed classes that is located in /bin

    we are currently doing this, and will be testing it next week on a test server first, but this should work.
  5. dwdietz

    dwdietz Guest


    I dont have these tools.. Can you keep us posted on how it goes?