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MS SQL password

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by valefar, Dec 31, 2005.

  1. valefar

    valefar Guest

    I changed the password on the MS SQL sa password outside of Plesk. That was a mistake.

    I went into Plesk to change the sa password that it uses to connect to MS SQL, but it asks for Old Password. Apparently I don't remember the old password correctly, and Plesk fails to update its sa password because of this.

    I figure Plesk is actually trying to talk to MS SQL and change the sa password directly, hence it asking for the old password. So I tried putting in the current sa password (in SQL) as the Plesk old password, but it still fails to connect. I think it's still using the original sa password that I set up when I installed MS SQL.. the password that I cannot remember.

    Is there a hidden Plesk utility to change what it "thinks" the old password is, or to straight-up change the sa password that it uses without having to supply the old password?

    Until I resolve this, Plesk can't interface with my MS SQL and I have to do all database tasks manually outside of Plesk.
  2. valefar

    valefar Guest

    Answered my own question after doing some digging.

    I had also changed the SQL port from the default 1433, and it was no longer responding to Plesk as localhost.

    Had to tap into Plesk's mysql database and change the MSSQLServer parameter to localhost,port#. I was also able to manually change Plesk's idea of the sa password while I was in there.

    Now Plesk is happy again.

    Would be nice if this kind of stuff was documented. :)