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MSSQL Server name change

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by gusaroni, Dec 15, 2005.

  1. gusaroni

    gusaroni Guest

    I'm a noobie to Plesk, and would like to know how to change the database server name under "Database administrator's credentials and tools".

    When setting this up, I attempted to connect to the current db I'm using for my site, and it worked. I'm trying to move my hosting away from this server, so I need to create a DB on my new host. Unfortunately, even though I've changed my DNS to resolve my domain to my new host, every time I try to create a DB on my new host, it uses the IP address and login info for my old host. This means it creates DB's on the host I'm trying to move away from as opposed to the one I'm trying to move to.

    When I create a db (on my old host), the server name control is disabled, and won't let me edit the value until I delete the new DB with MSSQL Enterprise Manager. The problem is that even though I can then edit the value in the control, I am unable to connect to my new host, and it repouplates the old hosts IP and login info on the form.

    Did any of that make sense to anyone? I could really use a hand here cause GoDaddy's support is useless with Plesk. They really have no clue.
  2. gusaroni

    gusaroni Guest

    Ok, I was able to get an aswer about setting the server name in the plesk DB from SW tech support...Now I can't get it to let me do anything with MSSQL! I can't specify my server as the DB server and I can't set an account name or password...in short, it keeps telling me that I don't have MSSQL installed.

    Is that possible? I thought Plesk included at least MSDE???

    Am I just way off here? I paid GoDaddy for a DB. Can anyone help me find it?
  3. gusaroni

    gusaroni Guest

    Ok, so it's not installed by default. Got it now.