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mysql external database with proxy and apache http failover

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by KudosDesigns, May 27, 2006.

  1. KudosDesigns

    KudosDesigns Guest


    I am trying to setup HA on Plesk as suggested by Atomic.

    I have implemented an HA MySQL cluster and NFS DRDB redundant storage to share the /var/www/httpd and /var/qmail/mailnames across a secure storage array. I am planning to implement Plesk on two boxes, and have them share the same psa database and same secure storage.

    Has anyone got MySQL 4.1 working on an external cluster using sql relay as Atomic suggested or otherwise? SQL relay should do it ... but i am having grief getting it to work correctly. It seems to work with individual databases, but not on any arbitrary database.

    An ideal solution would be to get the MySQL client to proxy to my cluster if anyone knows how to do this with MySQL so it can make calls transparently to localhost that actually get forwarded onto the cluster.

    Beyond this, my next question would be how to overcome the httpd.conf include files for each domain. These would obviously be pointing to the IP of the first server, but would have to be configured for the second server as well. Has anyone got any ideas of how to implement failover with Apache and Plesk?

    Thanks everyone!

    When i get this all up and running, i will be posting a huge How To on the forum for future reference for everyone (and myself!) as to how to get it all working.

  2. Zanoryt

    Zanoryt Guest

    I am trying to do the same exact thing. If anyone solves this problem, please drop me a note.