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MySQL not working after update

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by matija, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. matija

    matija Guest

    I've updated from 7.5.6 to 7.6.0 and all went well except MySQL server cannot start... :(
    If I try to start it via MySQL Administrator (localhost:3306) it gives me error:
    MySQL Error Number 2003
    Can't connect to MySQL server on 'localhost' (10061)

    Any ideas while I'm trying to solve this? I'm repairing installation ATM
  2. matija

    matija Guest

    Fixed... phew... seems like it wasn't so smart to manually update MySQL server to newer version few months ago ;) I backed up old files to "backup" dir inside every directory of MySQL folder and now I replaced them back. After repairing Plesk installation once more, it all works...
  3. WebCTRL

    WebCTRL Guest

    How is the upgrade to 7.6 going?

    Any problems?
  4. matija

    matija Guest

    Flawless... it's worth to upgrade to 7.6.0 due to so many new features since last version.

    The only problems were:
    - SpamAssassin error during upgrade (http://img225.imageshack.us/my.php?image=plesk760installerror5ft.gif)
    It's working normally after Repairing installation.

    - MySQL didn't start after upgrade, but after downgrade to version that came with 1st installation of Plesk and then upgrading it again (manually) to 5.0.22 it's back on track.

    - I've modified locale/language file manually (C:\Program Files\Plesk\admin\plib\locale\messages_en.php3 ) to change Plesk login message (there's a thread on this issue somewhere in this forum), and somehow Plesk upgrade did not overwrite it with new version which has new translations so instead of 'File successfully uploaded.' I had '__UPLOAD_ERR_OK' in titles and so on... The solution was to extract new messages_en.php3 file from one of .cab files and replace the old one with it.
  5. EnigmaBCN

    EnigmaBCN Guest

    This could help you!

    I had upgraded this weekend and I also got the same error on MySQL. So the first thing I have done is to look on this forum where I found another user with the same problem. Then I tried to solve it like matija proposed... and there was the beginning of a nightmare!
    My first mistake was that I didn't knew there were two MySQL engines, one on port 8306 which belongs to Plesk databases and the other one to port 3306 which belongs to customer databases, so when upgrading the incorrect database engine all my Plesk got messed. Fortunately, I had made a full image backup, but I had to pick up my server from the data center on sunday....

    After I had restored the main partition, I started all over again, this time I upgraded the correct MySQL, but it didn't worked either. I followed the instructions you can find on http://kb.swsoft.com/article_147_1077_en.html After many hours I found that the problem was as follows,

    the folder which originally is MySQL installed is:

    C:\Program Files\SWsoft\Plesk\Databases\MySQL

    and the databases are inside the Data folder.
    When installing the new version of MySQL, the program creates a my.ini file which saves it to MySQL folder. In fact, MySQL service started well, but without all my customers DB's. After restoring the Data folder, MySQL service couldn't start...until I found that thet file my.ini that corresponded to my customers databases was located inside the Data folder and it must be located on the MySQL folder... then the new MySQL service started to work again! It seems that when Plesk is installed, it puts my.ini to work inside the MySQL\Data folder.

    Now that I had started to understand all this, I decided to start all over again, restoring the partition and upgrading to Plesk 7.6.
    Once again, MySQL service didn't worked as expected. I tried to change the my.ini location...and it didn't work either! So, I remembered that due to MySQL hangs, I changed the my.ini options in order to have more cache, so I compared my original my.ini file with the one Plesk installation had generated, and I found that the parameter innodb_log_file_size didn't correspond with the files that were generated on the disk, so I deleted them and everything worked perfect!!!
    The files are:


    This files are generated the first time MySQL service starts. If I could have knew this before....:(