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mysql problem (database import)

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by Brummbaer76, Jan 18, 2004.

  1. Brummbaer76

    Brummbaer76 Guest

    Hi I have some problems with mysql.

    I has saved some mysql databases from my old webserver (with phpmyadmin)
    (Filename = xxx.sql.gz).

    i can´t copy the database to my new webserver.

    dataimport (phpmyadmin)

    Their SQL instruction was successfully implemented:
    Contents of your file were inserted. (79 instructions)

    but the database are not added
  2. Ancient

    Ancient Guest

    Your .gz file probably doesn`t (and probably shouldn`t) contain the create database statement.

    Create the database in Plesk, then create a username/password via the 'Add' button. When you're returned to the database screen, click the DB WebAdmin button. A phpMyAdmin window will open up. Click on your database name on the left, then click on the SQL 'tab' and import your .gz file.
  3. jz1977

    jz1977 Guest

    When I try to import a database from mysqladmin, i get an error. and at the main page it says "no Privlage" in italics. When i create a username in plesk for a database called dotnetnuke does that create a user in mysql or do i have to somewhere create a username to have privlages for mysql. I think when i make a database User for mysql. that user is created in mysql too. right or wrong? But long story short. I cannot query any database or import a database.sql file. what am i doing wrong here?

  4. Ancient

    Ancient Guest

    Yes, a user is created within MySQL.

    Check out your other recent post regarding MySQL for more help. My reply there pretty much just said to make sure there aren`t any CREATE DATABASE statements in your .sql file.

    Is it giving any specific errors after attempting import? Or is it simply going back to the main screen without a word?