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MySql - Server name

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by edwardr, Mar 27, 2005.

  1. edwardr

    edwardr Guest

    Hi there,

    I had installed Plesk 7.5 for Windows. Everything works fine, but suddendly I had a problem with login in MySql-Database

    under Server > Database administrator's credentials and tools:
    There is the possibilty to login with phpMyAdmin

    ConnectionServer name * :
    (Name for the server cannot be changed.: There is at least one database on the server.)
    Login and Password

    and suddendly the server name localhost and a number I think 3445 dissapperad and I'm not able to insert it, and that's why I'm not able to access to my database with phpmyadmin.

    Please can somebody tell me how to insert it again?

  2. edwardr

    edwardr Guest

  3. abcinternet

    abcinternet Guest

    Ive just developed the same problem.

    It started the moment i clicked on Root Web Admin.

  4. edwardr

    edwardr Guest

    for windows:

    cd %plesk_dir%\mysql\bin
    mysql -uadmin -p<admin_passwd> -P8306 psa
    mysql> update misc set val='localhost' where param='mysql_data_source';
    mysql> update misc set val='3306' where param='mysql_port';

    then it should work again,... :)