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Name Servers.... urgh

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Saner, Aug 3, 2007.

  1. Saner

    Saner Guest


    I have followed a couple of guides online and I still cant get my name servers to work correctly.

    DNS stuff report

    My Plesk Setup

    Any idea's, I am new at this.

    Many thanks in advance to anyone whom can help
  2. faris

    faris Guest

    You are going round in circles here


    ns1.442forums.net. NS ns1.442forums.net.
    ns2.442forums.net. NS ns2.442forums.net.
    You should not enter anything in the first box when settings it up in Plesk but you are entering ns2 and ns1. You want to say that the NS for your domain is at ns1.(etc) and ns2.(etc). But this is not what you are saying in your DNS because you have added the ns1 and ns2. In fact you are effectively saying that the NS for NS1 and NS2 is at NS1 and NS2 and therefore going round in circles, without saying where the NS for 422forums is :) ).

    Those two lines should look like this:

    442forums.net. NS ns1.442forums.net.
    442forums.net. NS ns2.442forums.net.
    To put it in perspective, for all other domains you have on your server where ns1 and ns2 do the DNS for them, you would just need:

    domain.com. NS ns1.442forums.net.
    domain.com. NS ns2.442forums.net.
    Which is effectively saying "NS for domain.com is at ns1.(etc) and ns2.(etc)"

    And this is exactly what you need to do for your own domain.

    Secondly you must already have registered ns1.(etc) and ns2.(etc) as namservers, with the appropriate IPs, via your domain name registrar. If you have not done this things will not work correctly. This part is all about adding "glue" (I think) which is a topic all to itself :) but basically without registering the nameservers via your registrar you get to a chicken and egg situation where there's no easy way of finding out where the namservers might be.

  3. Saner

    Saner Guest

    Thank you!

    So simple and yet I had lost so much hair over it.

    I can see how it works now,

    Many thanks for the help
  4. faris

    faris Guest

    DNS is very simple once you get your head around it. But it is horribly complex and confusing until you do, and it is all too easy to lose the plot even when you have understood it (I still get confused from time to time - I think I know something then find I don't after all).