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Newbie help... can't figure out DNS

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by davehb, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. davehb

    davehb Guest

    I just got a VPS from 1&1 and have spent the past week trying to figure out how to use it. I have setup a client. I have setup a domain for that client. The client has one website and nine domain names. I can't figure out how to setup the DNS so that the other eight domain names point to the one website. This has been terribly confusing. I have read the manuals and used the help, but everything "speaks" as though you already know what you're doing. I'll admit it... I don't. (I have always left the hosting up to the client. Now we're finding it would be easier to host our client's sites in a place where we don't have to worry about relying on someone else to keep things running smoothly.) The VPS is through 1&1 and their help is proving to be less than stellar. I have one IP address and want to setup name-based hosting for my clients. I just need someone that can help me figure out the confusing bits. Everything else seems pretty straight-forward. Thanks!
  2. poke

    poke Guest

    If I understand correctly, all you need to do is create the other 8 domains and under hosting options just forward each domain to the single physically hosted domain.

    You may look into a managed VPS, you would've had this problem fixed as soon as the question was asked :p

    Good Luck..
  3. davehb

    davehb Guest

    Thanks for writing back Poke!! To clarify: I have setup myhosting.com and I have setup my first client (myclient.com). I put her website on the server and now I am trying to get one of her domain names to resolve to the server before I move all the domain names. I've gone to the domain registrar and pointed the DNS for the one domain name to ns1.myhosting.com. The thing is there's no instruction anywhere telling me what to do within Plesk so that the domain will resolve to the site I loaded for her. Now does it make sense?
  4. davehb

    davehb Guest

    I'm getting desperate. I would gladly negotiate a consulting fee with someone if they could help me figure this out in a speedy fashion. Perhaps even a phone consultation. Please help! Thanks!
  5. mejorhospedaje

    mejorhospedaje Guest

    dns config


    first at all, you need at least 2 nameservers ej ns1.myhosting.com and ns2.myhosting.com, each one need an IP adress (preferible not the share ip),

    Then configure the nameservers with your registrar to set the ips,

    In plesk (server section) create a dns template like this:

    <domain>. NS ns2.myhosting.com.
    <domain>. NS ns1.myhosting.com.
    <domain>. A <ip>
    <domain>. MX (10) mail.<domain>.
    <ip> / 24 PTR <domain>.
    ftp.<domain>. CNAME <domain>.
    mail.<domain>. A <ip>
    webmail.<domain>. A <ip>
    www.<domain>. A <ip>

    Now, every domain you create had this dns config

    Additionally you need to configure the ns ip's in myhosting.com dns zone, to do that add the following

    ns1.myhosting.com. A*
    ns2.myhosting.com. A*

    *Ip number you purchase to 1and1 additionally to the ip for the server and previosly configure like nameserver with your registrar,

    finally you need to create your client´s principal domain with physical hosting, and the rest with standar redirect to point this.