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Input NRPE Nagios Plesk Backup Monitor

Discussion in 'Open Topics' started by kamtec1, Aug 24, 2017.

  1. kamtec1

    kamtec1 New Pleskian

    Oct 11, 2013
    Likes Received:
    Hi Plesk community,

    I wrote a basic script to check plesk backup status via Nagios NRPE plugin.
    This plugin (backup_plesk_checker) monitors backup status in Plesk panel - Success/Warning/Error/Date checker/Quantity of domains that backuped.

    For now this plugin have 5 basic checks:
    1) Success status - backup ok
    2) Warning status - backup have warnings
    3) Error status - backup have errors
    4) Backup unsuccessful - date not equal to backup date
    5) Not all domains are backuped - how many domains have been backuped if the number is not equal it will give warning.
    and there will be more.

    Personal site:
    NRPE Nagios Plesk Backup Monitor - Tech News and Cyber Security Updates
    Project on Github:
    GitHub - kamtec1/nrpe-nagios-plesk-backup-monitor: NRPE check Plesk backup status
    or via Exchange Nagios official plugin page:
    nrpe-nagios-plesk-backup-monitor - Nagios Exchange

    backup_plesk_checker not working on Plesk 17.5 & Plesk 17.8 - still in development.

    P.S.1. This plugin is still in development and will be updated regularly - you can follow up via my personal website/Github/exchange nagios for updated and change log.
    P.S.2. If you have any comments/ideas/feedback you may send me a PM or write to me.
    P.S.3. This plugin is not using API of plesk :( ... its planned to latter ))


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