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ns3.domain.com/ns4.domain.com on second server

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by VagrantHost, Aug 26, 2005.

  1. VagrantHost

    VagrantHost Guest

    This is probably the least talked about thing in all of hosting. I can't find a definitive explanation anywhere.

    I currently use ns.domain.com and ns2.domain.com on Server 1. I want to do one of the following things:

    a) ns3.domain.com and ns4.domain.com on Server 2.
    b) ns.domain.com and ns2.com on Server 2

    Can someone provide a step by step process for either of these, please?

  2. poke

    poke Guest

    I can't give you a step by step, but I offer plesk DNS hosting. You will have ns1.pleskfarm.com and ns2.pleskfarm.com.... Both of my servers are geographically dispersed. I will soon have a third DNS server somewhere in europe. Let me know if you'd like to have redundact DNS :)

  3. Who-m3

    Who-m3 Guest

    There are two methods of doing what you're wanting to do. The plesk "official" way would be to add the domains through the Plesk Control Panel and set their nameservers as "Slaves". This, of course, would require some work in the DNS Configuration of the server (Server -> DNS -> common transfer line...)

    The slightly harder, but much cheaper way, would be to add zones into the named.conf file for the second server. Something along the lines of...

    zone "yourdomain.com" {
    type slave;
    file "/var/yourdomain.com.hosts";
    masters {

    Then, on Plesk, you'd have to add the nameservers (configured of course for server2). ns3... and ns4... to the dns records for the domain(s) in question. Note: This is where the DNS Template would come in handy, if you plan on doing this for more than one.

    Although there are some integration problems with Webmin (www.webmin.com) and Plesk, Webmin can be a useful tool to someone with very little knowledge in some areas.

    What you're looking for will take a bit of configuration. I'm willing to help you, walk you through the steps directly, etc., should you desire that type of assistance. You can drop me a privmsg via the site and we can set up a time to go through it. I don't mind helping, I just want you to know the things you'll need to know about updates..

    Just something to remember: Plesk updates the configuration files automatically. Changing them directly (i.e. httpd.include for any domain) will do absolutely no good. Likewise, when updating Plesk (7.x.x -> 7.x.x+1), you'll loose some of the configuration in your named.conf. I suggest you backup any changes you made (nameservers, etc) prior to doing updates, which is actually easy as well. An alternative would be to use a second configuration file for named, but that's a bit of work in itself.

    So back to the subject at hand... If you'd like some assistance with this through Plesk, I can help you out there. If you'd rather use a cheaper alternative, I can help you there too. I look forward to helping you in the future, should you desire to take a lended hand.
  4. techmax

    techmax Guest

    i am also doing the same. i am trying to setup a windows plesk box and a linux plesk box togathe the linux is working. how would i add the windows box? also i have ns1 and 2 working on server 1 how do i get ns3 and 4 working at the same domain.com?
  5. jamesyeeoc

    jamesyeeoc Guest

    What about trying ART's Automatic Secondary DNS ? (for the Linux - Linux setup anyways)
  6. dimensions

    dimensions Basic Pleskian

    Aug 28, 2002
    Likes Received:
    We are also looking at this solution, but are a bit confused

    Where do we change the common transfer line--- on server 1 or server 2 ?

    We have server1 using ns1.domain.com and ns2.domain.com

    Now we have added a new server (server2) for one of our clients whos domains will be shifted from server1 to server2 ::

    How do we make the client use ns3.domain.com and ns4.domain.com on server2?
  7. siren@

    siren@ Guest

  8. poke

    poke Guest

    sweet.. looks good :)
  9. ShadowMan@

    ShadowMan@ Guest

    Have any of you tried what this person posted? I have and it works quite well, with a minimum of fuss.
  10. siren@

    siren@ Guest

    What I posted was just an adaption of what ART did so it worked on Linux, FreeBSD, and Windows.

    It's what I am currently using for my needs.
  11. ShadowMan@

    ShadowMan@ Guest

    Ah, that's cool! I'll have to take a look at it then. Thanks for clarifying.