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Paypal Payment Help

Discussion in 'SiteBuilder' started by CaralynH, Jun 4, 2010.

  1. CaralynH

    CaralynH Guest

    I am very very new at website design, so I've been using Sitebuilder 4.5 for linux. I am trying to sell some items through my EShop but am having a terrible time trying to figure out how to set up the payment systems. I would like to use Paypal but as I've looked at setting up an account through Paypal, I have no idea which account to use. As I look more at the different types, I do not how to implement the system on my website. The different types are Payflow, Express Checkout, Website Standard etc. Paypal gives a set up to put a button on my page, but eshop apparently is already set up to use paypal...can anyone give me an idea what I need to do? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. blazesoft

    blazesoft Guest


    In the sitebuilder eshop area just add your paypal address. Its as simple as that. You dont need to do anything else.