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Perl Plesk Scripts Collection

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by kake26, Dec 20, 2005.

  1. kake26

    kake26 Guest

    Hi all,
    I am releasing this bundle to the public under the GPL. These scripts are designed to work with plesk to accomplish a variety of tasks. More noteably a fairly sophisticated automatic qmail moniter and maintainer. I've created this collection mainly from things I've written myself and one or two GPL perl scripts I've found useful. I am going to make some adjustments and post info on where to get it once I'm done here. Please note I have a slew more than just a few, which I intend to GPL as well. I also intend on actively developing all of them so there will be no lack of new things. The first public release will be within the next few days of this posting. I welcome feature suggestions too. This is my way of saying thanks and contributing to a community I've gotten so much out of, that and I code too much.
  2. Who-m3

    Who-m3 Guest


    We need more information than that you're planning to release a few perl scripts. Give us details on what each does, not just one. Give us ideas as to what all you have, what you do with them (so those who aren't familiar with what "blah blah" is, they can figure it out), etc.
  3. kake26

    kake26 Guest

    To:Who-m3, yes I know I realizse that. I typed up that late last night wasn't sane so in a effort to clear it up here is my version of a clue.

    PPSC scripts:
    1. Qmail.pl - this is a qmail moniter, keeps qmail running. It can send alert e-mails even if qmail is shot because it can speak SMTP directly to dispatch a alert to an admin. It also uses qmHandle to periodically check and keep the queue form clogging. Also intefaces with plesk's qmail install's normal qmail utils for some functions.
    2. qmHandle - unaltered version used Qmail.pl and can be used directly from console.
    3. plesk.pl - Essentially a glorified wrapper/multi tool for plesk commands. Such as starting and stoping qmail and apache. It provides a much simplified interface so instead of having to type out the following:
    "/usr/local/psa/admin/bin/websrvmng" and then perhaps "restart" or some such action you can simply do "./plesk.pl web restart". My suggestion is to copy plesk.pl to a directory like /usr/local/bin and removing the tailing .pl so you can just say "plesk web restart" for example.

    If there is a fourth one for the first release it will be a stand-alone smtp script that will be used by qmail.pl and others to send out an alert to a admin in case qmail bites the dust. I have more qmail related functionality planned than what it supports currently.

    Those are the first 3 I plan on releasing. Please note these script where written on a FreeBSD system. They should work with linux perhaps as-is? I intend on adding many more scripts as well as releasing several more utility ones, once they are in some semblance of being able to be released. This wil all be done as time premits obviously. One last thing I've had horrible luck with Plesk's watchdog functionality and so I may duplicate that as a perl daemon(background process in *nix).
  4. kake26

    kake26 Guest

    1.0 release nearing completion I may release some pieces as they get completed.
  5. kake26

    kake26 Guest

    I want to add mod_security related scripts as well. Here is a link to mod_security for those of you who don't know what it is. I highly recommend using it, with plesk 7.5.4 and up for Linux/Unix. The Perl Plesk Scripts Collection will include mod_security related scripts. The only thing I won't include is a auto compiler, aka a script that installs,compiles,downloads and configures mod_security due to the fact on my FreeBSD server I had to add some symlinks to get it to build correctly and such for it to build. I will include a ruler installer and updater. All you'd have to do is install mod_security and the script configures it for you. In overview once you have mod_security downloaded,compiled and working for your apache, the script will download the gotroot.com rules and configure your mod_security to use them as well as be able to keep them up to date.