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PHP URL parameter not being read...?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by EnigmaBurn, Feb 22, 2006.

  1. EnigmaBurn

    EnigmaBurn Guest

    I don't know if this has to do with the php_safe_mode, which is off or the register_globals, which is also off, but I have a PHP based site that worked on other servers just fine, but now is not working on the Plesk server after being copied over.

    See: Site here

    You are supposed to be able to click the links at left for rentals, businesses, etc.. for the different catergories, but all we get is the house - which is a default. It doesn't seem to be reading the 'type=C' or whatever parameter from the URL string...?

    Any thoughts as to why and tips to fix? Works fine on other servers, but I am not privvy to their settings...

    Thanks in advance!

    EB -
  2. Highland

    Highland Guest

    How are you calling the variables? Are you using $_GET or $HTTP_GET_VARS ? If you're calling the variables directly (ie using $for instead of $_GET['for']) you need to remember that since PHP 4.2.0 the register_globals have been turned off by default. I know that Plesk's PHP comes with it turned off. It may very well be that the other servers are just running older versions of PHP

    If you need to find out the configuration settings on a server, and you have at least FTP access, put up a file with nothing but the following
    <?php phpinfo(); ?>
    That will dump out all the settings you need to see.
  3. EnigmaBurn

    EnigmaBurn Guest

    You are correct sir!


    You are of course correct as I can make stuff work by using the $_GET syntax. Problem is I got a whole system that was coded without using that method. I assume that if I turn register_globals on that I would have to worry about recoding the entire system...?

    Problem is that I cannot get register_globals to turn on! :mad:

    I tried doing it in the same way ad7742 describes in THIS THREAD ...

    But adding the line:
    php_admin_value register_globals on

    to the vhost.conf file does nothing.

    Any help that you or anyone else can offer in this regard would be lovely.
  4. Highland

    Highland Guest

    There's another method that might work too. If you have an include file (like a config or something) you can try adding the following
    <?php ini_set("register_globals"1); ?>