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PHP5 Upgrade Fehler

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by key323, Dec 16, 2006.

  1. key323

    key323 Guest

    nach einem upgrade auf php5 funzt plesk nichtmehr...

    wenn ich eine neuinstallation versuche, kommt:

    The following packages have unmet dependencies:
    php5-mysql: Depends: phpapi-20041225
    php5-mysqli: Depends: phpapi-20041225
    php5-pdo-mysql: Depends: phpapi-20041225
    Depends: php5-common (= 5.1.4-swsoft.1) but 5.2.0-0.dotdeb.3 is to be installed
    php5-pdo-pgsql: Depends: phpapi-20041225
    Depends: php5-common (= 5.1.4-swsoft.1) but 5.2.0-0.dotdeb.3 is to be installed
    php5-pdo-sqlite: Depends: phpapi-20041225
    Depends: php5-common (= 5.1.4-swsoft.1) but 5.2.0-0.dotdeb.3 is to be installed

    ich hoffe mir kann einer helfen...

    achja ich habe debian3.1
  2. danliker

    danliker Silver Pleskian Plesk Certified Professional

    Feb 15, 2006
    Likes Received:
    php5-pdo brauchst du bei dotdeb nicht mehr , die sind schon in php5-mysql und so drin....

    ich denke du solltest genauer schreiben was du versuchst...

    ev. hilft uns eine liste deiner packete weiter...

    dpkg -l | grep php
  3. Doraemon

    Doraemon Guest

    Hi, I have the same problem.
    I have use this command:

    dpkg -l | grep php

    and the system return this:

    ii libphp-adodb 4.52-1sarge1 The 'adodb' database abstraction layer for p
    ii php4 4.4.5-0.dotdeb server-side, HTML-embedded scripting languag
    ii php4-cli 4.4.5-0.dotdeb command-line interpreter for the php4 script
    ii php4-common 4.4.5-0.dotdeb Common files for packages built from the php
    ii php4-curl 4.4.5-0.dotdeb CURL module for php4
    ii php4-domxml 4.4.5-0.dotdeb XMLv2 module for php4
    ii php4-gd 4.4.5-0.dotdeb GD module for php4
    ii php4-imap 4.4.5-0.dotdeb IMAP module for php4
    ri php4-ioncube-l 3.0-dbn31.buil PHP ionCube Loader
    ii php4-mysql 4.4.5-0.dotdeb MySQL module for php4
    ii php4-snmp 4.4.5-0.dotdeb SNMP module for php4
    ii php5-cgi 5.2.1-0.dotdeb server-side, HTML-embedded scripting languag
    ii php5-cli 5.2.1-0.dotdeb command-line interpreter for the php5 script
    ii php5-common 5.2.1-0.dotdeb Common files for packages built from the php
    ii php5-curl 5.2.1-0.dotdeb CURL module for php5
    ii php5-dev 5.2.1-0.dotdeb Files for PHP5 module development
    ii php5-gd 5.2.1-0.dotdeb GD module for php5
    ii php5-gmp 5.2.1-0.dotdeb GMP module for php5
    ii php5-imap 5.2.1-0.dotdeb IMAP module for php5
    ii php5-ioncube 3.1-dbn31.buil PHP ionCube Loader
    ii php5-ldap 5.2.1-0.dotdeb LDAP module for php5
    ii php5-mcrypt 5.2.1-0.dotdeb MCRYPT module for php5
    ii php5-mhash 5.2.1-0.dotdeb MHASH module for php5
    ii php5-mysql 5.2.1-0.dotdeb MySQL module for php5
    rc php5-mysqli 5.2.0-0.dotdeb MySQLi module for php5
    ii php5-odbc 5.2.1-0.dotdeb ODBC module for php5
    rc php5-pdo-mysql 5.2.0-0.dotdeb PDO-MySQL module for php5
    rc php5-pdo-pgsql 5.2.0-0.dotdeb PDO-PostgreSQL module for php5
    rc php5-pdo-sqlit 5.2.0-0.dotdeb PDO-SQLite module for php5
    ii php5-pear 5.2.0-0.dotdeb PEAR - PHP Extension and Application Reposit
    ii php5-pgsql 5.2.1-0.dotdeb PostgreSQL module for php5
    ii php5-pspell 5.2.1-0.dotdeb Pspell module for php5
    ii php5-snmp 5.2.1-0.dotdeb SNMP module for php5
    ii php5-sybase 5.2.1-0.dotdeb Sybase / MS SQL Server module for php5
    ii php5-tidy 5.2.1-0.dotdeb Tidy module for php5
    ri psa-php4-confi 1.1.0-debian3. Plesk configurator for php4

    can you send me if is possible solve the problem?

    thank's a lot.
  4. ExarKun

    ExarKun Guest

    Uninstall all php5*-Packages,
    install php4-cgi
    install psa-php5-configuriator
    install your php5*-Packages