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Plesk 7.5.1 Installation Error

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by sir_octet, Jan 1, 2005.

  1. sir_octet

    sir_octet Guest

    Happy New Year to everyone!

    I was trying to upgrade Plesk Reloaded 7.1.6 to the new 7.5.1 and I get this error:

    " BIND server starts Ok.

    /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.77500: line 1: /usr/local/psa/version: No such file or directory
    Unable to upgrade Plesk. You have version
    installed, but upgrader is incompatible with this version.
    To install new Plesk copy, please move '/usr/local/psa'
    to another place manually.

    ERROR while trying to check version
    Check the error reason(see log file: /tmp/psa_7.5.1_RedHat_el3_build75041216.14_upgrade.log), fix and try again


    error: %pre(psa-7.5.1-rhel3.build75041216.14) scriptlet failed, exit status 1
    error: install: %pre scriptlet failed (2), skipping psa-7.5.1-rhel3.build75041216.14 "

    I have even tried to remove /us/loca/psa and /etc/psa but still same thing. Perhaps is from the databases in /var/lib/mysql. Anyone has any idea how to solve/overcome this situation?