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Plesk 7.5.4 DEAD for no apparent reason

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by manos, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. manos

    manos Guest

    If anybody can help me .....
    The story is the followind:
    Six months ago we rented (my company) a dedicated linux server from ipowerweb.com (fedorra 2.0 Plesk 7.5 now updated to 7.5.4). We have just 2 domains on the server with minimal use. Everything was running smoothly up to about 4 days ago. Plesk key was expiring 12 September. On 9th of September i retrieved and installed automatically the new key via plesk (since we renewed our subscription with the company for one more year) and everything worked fine for 3 days. On 12 of September (day that the old key would expire if we hadn't renew it) I noticed that DrWeb-DAEMON was firing emails to our main mail account (email subject: The antivirus software failure). When I tried to open plesk cp it didn't respond at all. (page not found). Hord was working though so I entered our main mail account and I saw 31.000 mails or something (email subject: The antivirus software failure). The number was not growing because I had put quota limits to that account. Next day http stopped working alltogether. I should mention that I had firewalled ssh from plesk and now I am unable to use putty to see what is going on. Help from ipowerweb.com is virtually nonexistent for plesk and I have come to a dead end. I don't know if it is fedora or plesk. All I Know is that I didn't do anything wrong haven't installed any funny programs on our server, kept all security guidlines. Any guidelines or suggestions will be appreciated
  2. jamesyeeoc

    jamesyeeoc Guest

    Eventhough you renewed your license for another year, on 12 Sept the control panel automatically tries to contact their license server and either something went wrong (like they had not updated their database yet), or it was unable to contact the SWSoft license server and has disabled your Plesk.

    Best thing to do is contact sales or support directly and have them send you an updated key installer file. They get easily confused as to what you need, so make sure they send you the PLSK.xxxxxxxx.nnnn.sh file. It is a SCRIPT installer executable, must be the file with extension .sh The last time I needed it, it took them 3 tries to understand I wanted the INSTALLER file, not just the key number.
  3. manos

    manos Guest

    How to install the script ???

    Thank you jamesyeeoc this is great. I see some faint light at the end of the tunel but who should I contact?. Ipowerweb.com or swsoft? And how whould I install the script since I don't have shell access right now?

    Thanks again