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Plesk 7.6.1 for Windows Update 070219.16 is released

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by sergius, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. sergius

    sergius Golden Pleskian

    Nov 6, 2005
    Likes Received:
    We have released Plesk 7.6.1 for Windows Update 070219.16.
    This update contains most critical and major bugfixes.
    The changes are listed below:

    1. [*]_Fixed issue with frequently spawned defpackagemng.exe in Virtuozzo environment
    2. [*]_Fixed issue with nondelivered e-mails and filled SMTP inbound queue in MailEnable
    3. [*]_Fixed issue with Plesk Control Panel pages slowdown
    4. [*]_Fixed issue with PHP giving error message "... Exception class redeclare ..."
    5. [-]_Fixed issues with incorrect quota calculation for Gene 6 FTP Server
    6. [-]_Fixed issue with Backup/Restore Utility rewriting the backup file on FTP instead of generating a new file
    7. [-]_Fixed issue with converting date to correct format when Plesk is using MSSQL database
    8. [-]_Fixed issue with inability to access DNS zone when Spanish LP is used
    9. [+]_Added Merak 8.5 support
    10. [-]_Fixed issue with antivirus and spam filtering options not being enabled for new mail accounts
    11. [-]_Fixed issue with slow provisioning when using MS DNS on Plesk server
    12. [-]_Fixed issue with SpamAssassin deleting emails from SWsoft
    13. [-]_Fixed issue with scheduled FTP backup not uploading the backup file
    14. [-]_Fixed issue with backup to Linux/UNIX based FTP server failing with errors
    15. [-]_Fixed issue with PopPassD not working properly
    16. [-]_Fixed issue with Plesk not sending notifications about expiring domains
    17. [-]_Fixed issue with Autoresponder being case-insensitive in regards to the domain name
    18. [-]_Fixed issue with managing Antivirus settings on Mail server-wide page
    19. [-]_Fixed issue with autologin to SiteBuilder
    20. [-]_Fixed issue with Plesk not showing right frame with Portuguese (Brazil) LP
    21. [-]_Fixed issue with Plesk not being able to publish subdomains with SiteBuilder
    22. [-]_Fixed issue with autoresponder not working on mailbox if there is a mail alias with the same name on other domain
    23. [-]_Fixed issue with Mail User being unable to create a ticket in Help Desk when Plesk uses MySQL database
    24. [-]_Fixed issue with impossibility to discard mail with domain_pref
    25. [-]_Fixed issue with subdomain option -www_root working incorrectly
    26. [-]_Fixed issue with Help Desk showing incorrect number of tickets for Mail User
    27. [-]_Fixed issue with impossibility to enable spam filtering for mailboxes via Group Operations
    28. [*]_Fixed issue with web hosting creation being slow
    29. [-]_Fixed issue with traffic history on the servers not being consolidated with Plesk Expand
    30. [-]_Fixed issue with phpMyadmin not working with VZPP
    31. [-]_Fixed issue with Spam Training failing when processing invalid e-mail messages
    32. [+]_Now Plesk prohibits using the ";" symbol in Administrator's password
    33. [-]_Fixed issue with File Manager not working properly with folder named "0"
    34. [-]_Fixed issue with "mchk.exe --all --fix=all" not working with Merak
    35. [-]_Fixed issue with log files not getting deleted within the time limit specified
    36. [-]_Fixed issue with switching ASP.NET version
    37. [-]_Fixed issue with failing to configure Simple DNS when there are a lot of domains (~800) in Plesk
    38. [+]_Now Plesk allows to install Site Application to a nested forlder
    39. [-]_Fixed issue with SpamAssasin without license marking messages as SPAM
    40. [-]_Fixed issue with failing to switch to or from Urchin
    41. [-]_Fixed issue with failing to add new mailbox after using Plesk Migration Manager to migrate data to Plesk
    42. [-]_Fixed issue with improper field separator in "MAPS zones" field
    43. [+]_Now Plesk updates expired additional keys
    44. [-]_Fixed issue with accessing SmarterMail Web Client via Internet Explorer 7
    45. [-]_Fixed issue with disabling DNS zone on a domain with BIND
    46. [-]_Fixed issue with annoying messages from Plesk Autoupdater in Event Log
    47. [-]_Fixed issue with protecting URLs on a domain that uses Shared SSL
    48. [-]_Fixed issue with SmarterMail's "Redirect address" being case insensitive to the mailbox name
    49. [-]_Fixed issue with ASP.NET Web Application not being removed if its "Installation subfolder" is removed
    50. [-]_Fixed issue with failing to delete MSSQL 2005 database user
    51. [-]_Fixed issue with Log Rotation not working properly when Plesk uses Jet database
    52. [-]_Fixed issue with Statistics not working properly with SmarterStats
    53. [-]_Fixed issue with protecting "/plesk-stat/" directory via Group Operations
    54. [-]_Fixed issue with impossibility to change Administrator's password when Plesk uses Jet database
    55. [*]_Fixed most major bugs