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Plesk 7 DNS Problems w/1 IP Address - Total N00B

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by dataflurry, Nov 25, 2004.

  1. dataflurry

    dataflurry Guest

    Hi! I have basic knowledge of creating accounts and using plesk, however this is my first time setting up a dedicated server and creating the DNS!

    I bought my server through Ipower which only gives you one IP Address, and I am trying to setup my own Nameservers at NS.DATAFLURRY.COM & NS1.DATAFLURRY.COM

    I am currently using godaddy and it appears that this would be pretty simple if I had 2 IP Addresses because I could just connect the 2 IP Addresses with the nameservers, however like I said earlier I only have 1 IP.

    Also what are the major steps that have to be taken within plesk 7 admin panel in order to have the nameservers resolve properly. Thanks a ton for your help. I was trying to do my research but I think I am going to cause more problems than solutions!
  2. AbsolutelyFreeW

    AbsolutelyFreeW Guest

    godaddy require 2 ips, you need to get another ip from your provider, it is justifiable according to arin rules as far as I know.

    you set A entries for your domain servers, and NS + A entries for every domain that use those nameservers to resolve.
  3. dataflurry

    dataflurry Guest

    I apologize, because I am very new to this. So in Godaddy, I simply need to point IP #1 to NS.DATAFLURRY.COM & IP #2 TO NS1.DATAFLURY.COM

    Then in plesk admin I am going to have to create NS entries and A entries with the NS attributes. All of these entries must point custom to my main domain name as well? For ex NS.dataflurry.com & NS1.dataflurry.com will be entered under custom NS in Plesk, etc? Thanks very much for your help!
  4. AbsolutelyFreeW

    AbsolutelyFreeW Guest

    After you have set your nameservers in godaddy, you set the A entries for them:

    ns1.dataflurry.com. A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    ns2.dataflurry.com. A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

    where xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx is the IP

    then for your domain, and every other domain you:

    domain.com. A xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx
    domain.com. NS ns1.dataflurry.com.
    domain.com. NS ns2.dataflurry.com.

    you also need to set MX records for your mail..
  5. Scissor

    Scissor Guest

    DNS / Name Server walkthrough

    Here is an excellent step by step tutorial I used yesterday to do the samething.

    Ive created both 'Exclusive' IP sites and 'Shared' (name based) sites.

    I've used this guide to modify my name servers, modify my sites DNS to use these name servers, etc..

    DNS / Name Server Walkthrough

    Good luck