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Plesk Auto Email : Automated Plesk email hosting

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by jeffparis, Aug 28, 2005.

  1. jeffparis

    jeffparis Guest

    Plesk Auto Email allows Plesk administrators to offer free and premium email service automatically through their website. Your users will be able to sign up for email@yourdomain.com, and even change their passwords or retrieve lost passwords in realtime. This automation of user-side features will make your job much easier. You will also have the ability to edit, delete, and ban users in realtime, with just a few clcks of your mouse. Hosting email with Plesk has never been more simple or more affordable. You can also use any html template with this software, which means you customize the ads and the content that your users see! The user-side is 100% customizable, from design to language settings. With paypal integration, you can offer your service to your users and easily accept credit cards or paypal transfers. You barely have to lift a finger. We can install quickly, and all you would do is change one setting in your paypal.com profile!

    -Automatic Plesk email user registration.
    -Automated editting of user passwords.
    -Automated retrieval of lost user passwords.
    -Simple admin interface for banning, deleted, and updating email accounts.
    -Automatic PayPal.Com verification for user quota upgrades.
    -Automatic disabling of expired accounts.
    -Multi-Domain version available with an unlimited domain license.
    -100% Money Back Guarantee.
    -Free discrete installation.
    -Try the demo at http://zerofunk.com/plesk_demo.php.
    -Read user reviews at http://zerofunk.com/plesk_reviews.php.

    -Linux (any flavor)
    -PHP 4 or higher.
    -Root access or Plesk admin access.
    -MySql 3 or higher. MySql 4 recommended.
    -Plesk 7.0 and higher. This includes 7.5 Reloaded.
    -Exim email server.

    -Single domain license: $49.99
    -Unlimited domains license: $199.99
    -PayPal or Credit/Debit accepted.
    -Money orders ok, address at bottom of page.