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plesk base package and api update fails - debian

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by perler, Sep 16, 2005.

  1. perler

    perler Guest


    yesterday i found that there are new packages for plesk base and api are available. but updateing fails. here's what the autoupdater email says:

    Package 'psa-api-cli' of version 7.5.4-debian3.1.build75050830.11 is installed
    Other version 7.5.4-debian3.1.build75050902.09 of package psa-api-cli available in product conf file.
    There is older version of psa-api-cli installed, update is available.

    package psa-api-cli (file /PSA_7.5.4/deb_Debian_3.1/base/psa-api-cli_7.5.4-debian3.1.build75050902.09_i386.deb) is added to Necessary install list because user asked to install 'Base packages of Plesk'

    but later it states:

    E: Version '7.5.4-debian3.1.build75050902.09' for 'psa-api-cli' was not found
    psa is already the newest version.

    what should i do?

  2. death

    death Guest

    Hi PAT

    what does dpkg -l | grep psa say?

    If you have installed apt-show-versions (if not, install it with apt-get update; apt-get install apt-show-version), you can check the state of your Plesk installation with:

    apt-show-versions -r -p psa*

    Knd rgrds Stefan
  3. perler

    perler Guest

    # dpkg -s psa-api-cli

    Package: psa-api-cli
    Status: install ok installed
    Priority: extra
    Section: non-free/net
    Installed-Size: 232
    Maintainer: <info@sw-soft.com>
    Architecture: i386
    Version: 7.5.4-debian3.1.build75050830.11
    Depends: psa-7.5.4, psa-api-common (= 7.5.4-debian3.1.build75050830.11)
    Description: Plesk API CLI
    Plesk API provides the Plesk management interface for applications.
    This package provides the command-line utilities for controlling Plesk.

    # apt-show-versions -r -p psa-api-cli*
    psa-api-cli 7.5.4-debian3.1.build75050830.11 installed: No available version in archive

    the original error message looks for me like, that psa doesn't have the new package for psa-api-cli on their servers - right?

  4. death

    death Guest

    The Plesk autoinstaller which i downloaded and runned yesterday, installed psa-api-cli


    So maybe getting the tar.gz archive from the dl section and installing the package with dpkg -i psa-cli*deb might help.

    But it is also dangerous ;) You have been warned.
  5. perler

    perler Guest

    or i could at least chec=kl if the file exists a all. but where is the download area for these packages?

  6. death

    death Guest

  7. death

    death Guest

    Searched a bit and found the plesk repository:


    Don't know if I know get killed by sw-soft. But they might remove that link, if they don't want it here ;)
  8. perler

    perler Guest

    ok thanks.. the psa-api-cli_7.5.4-debian3.1.build75050902.09_i386.deb seems to exist.. strange..