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Plesk Key not valid - update fails

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Moore, Jul 5, 2007.

  1. Moore

    Moore Guest

    Hello there,

    now I've reinstalled Plesk up to version 8.1.1.

    At the moment I only have the plsk.00000000.0000 and can do nothing.

    When I'm trying to get a new key from server it shows:

    Server response: License key PLSK.00148626.0023 is up-to-date.

    So why it doesn't work?

    When I try to restore my key, I got

    Der Lizenzkey mit den folgenden Eigenschaften wird wiederhergestellt:
    Nummer des Lizenzkeys ..
    Nächstes Lizenzkey-Update Juni 13, 2007
    Ablaufdatum des Lizenzkeys Juni 23, 2007


    Fehler: Der vorherige Lizenzkey ist nicht gültig.
    Ihr Lizenzkey ist abgelaufen. Um Ihr Control Panel weiter verwenden zu können, kaufen Sie bitte eine permanente kommerzielle Lizenz.

    So please help me! What can I do that it works again?!?!? Please help!!!
  2. Moore

    Moore Guest

    Okay now... the only thing I do was sleep but now it works.
  3. goldy_rocky

    goldy_rocky Guest

    Plesk Key


    Just call swsoft.com sales people & they will send u new updated key on your registered email id. May be they can ask u ur primary email id what u have used on the time of registration.

    i think that will do.

    Other wise shout at Dashboard.