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Plesk POP3/IMAP Bandwidth Monitoring

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by MattR@, May 14, 2004.

  1. MattR@

    MattR@ Guest

    Hi Everyone,
    I have a client with a low traffic web site who Plesk reports is using a large amount of POP3/IMAP traffic. According to the client there should be very minimal usage here and he feels the numbers are not correct (Around 1GB of POP3 traffic for the month). Has anyone here had a problem with Plesk incorrectly reporting POP3/IMAP traffic?

  2. sonics

    sonics Regular Pleskian

    Jan 4, 2004
    Likes Received:
    i have never checked that. i will have a look at it.
  3. David Enfinger

    David Enfinger Guest

    I am having the same problems with my pop3 email statistics. It says I have used over 250MB of bandwidth this month on pop 3 outgoing. I know for a fact I havent sent out that much email. Could there be a virus going around?
  4. Vlar

    Vlar Guest

    Expodential issues

    My boss had a nice wake up call this morning when he got an e-mail notifying hin that one of the domains we host was over their bandwith by 800% and it's only the 4th of the month.

    One of our clients was having problems with their Outlook. It would take them about half an hour to one hour for it to start. They needed to get their e-mail because their whole company relies on some of the mail that comes into that account. We set her up with the web mail and off she went. After using the web main for a day, somehow it exploded their bandwith.

    After looking at the raw IIS logs, we determined that it was not any sort of web based DOS attack. We then trained our eyes on the MainEnable logs and were floored to see a POP log of 39MB. The logs showed that this one account would login, then it would say OK a few times, then Goodbye, then they would login again, then it would say NOOP where it used to say OK and Goodbye, then it would say Retry. It had a nice little counter after the retry. When it got to about 2570 retries, then it says that they finally Quit and the process started over again. All of that happens over a period of 30 seconds.

    Any advice???

    This only seems to happen when they use the webmain. This is the only account we have that uses the webmail so we don't know if this is a client issue or a webmail issue. in the POP log, the only IP it shows for this client on the webmain is, which makes sense seeing as they are checking their mail through the web on that server.

  5. shape

    shape Guest

    Having same problem here ....

    FTP 0.11 MB 0.09 MB 0.02 MB 0%
    HTTP 14.62 MB 0.82 MB 13.80 MB 0.4%
    POP3/IMAP 3381.81 MB 1.49 MB 3380.32 MB 95.9%
    SMTP 128.79 MB 128.43 MB 0.36 MB 3.7%

    I think something is not going really fine, cos that client is having more than 3 GB of POP3 output and the smtp traffic is just around 128MB, and right now the used traffic amount is growing really slow.

    Maybe just a bad stadistics calculation?

    Xavier Trilla P.
  6. desenvolve

    desenvolve Guest

    Evertime a customer open it WebMail all message are downloaded by Horde/IMP from POP3.

    Plesk should provide a fix.
  7. MattR@

    MattR@ Guest

    6.5 is a very buggy application, a move 7.0 is the best option for anyone running 6.5

  8. desenvolve

    desenvolve Guest

    Does it fixed in Plesk 7?
  9. juank

    juank Guest

    Tracking a specific e-mail account

    Does anybody know how can I monitor the bandwith usage of an specific email account (from control panel)?