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Plesk Problems and No fixes anywhere

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by wtwolf6, Oct 24, 2006.

  1. wtwolf6

    wtwolf6 Guest


    I have been a user of plesk on unix for many years. I recently purchased a windows based server to be able to offer a windows based hosting server with a diffreant interface then the ones running Helm. I have no problems with em,

    I had a problem with plesk for windows from the beging. My smtp was not working from a remote client. All other email features worked from horde and a local email client, but not from a remote client. All settings where correct full user names relay authentication etc.

    The server with plesk is a formatted harddrive 200gb Seagate. Has windows enterprise edition installed all hotfixes, patches, etc, installed. Well I asked swsoft to help.

    After one hole week of telling them there was no firewalls, (software or hardware) enabled or installed, all required ports are open, with ssh, telnet, remotedesktop, activated, telenet services running, they continued to tell me they could not connect for a week.

    After I contacted there call in center and explained fully that everything they asked was done they told me to open the same ports i told em was. After a lengthy conversation I told them to log in with remote desktop to verfiy and they did.

    Everything was as requested even the tech said it was weird. Now, this was saturday night 10/21/06, 7pm, by 8pm I am unsure what he did I could never get ahold of him again he brought done my web server cpu usage to 5 to 10%, and site loads where done to .007 seconds on a php nuke website with flash headers.

    This is extremly fast concidering the flash files where upwards 8 to 10 megs, I have streaming video and jukebox on my site as well these actually streamed like they where supposed to.

    Now at 12 am midnight
    The tech asked if he could reboot the server after the reboot my plesk page looked like this
    and the server cpu usage was again at 100% and page loads where back up to 8 to 9 minutes.

    I contacted plesk again and a tech log back in to my server at 5pm sunday after noon. Now remember my plesk log in page looks like that. At about 7pm sunday night he tells me everything is working and tells me to log in to a non console session of my server so he can show me, I do and he shows me it works but yes it works fine from the local intranet wich is how the server is working when you log in to it, I told him this and showed him it doesnt work from other pcs. He finally understood, and told me he couldnt fix the problem. He said the issue is not something he can resolve and they have to escilate it.

    Well I checked records monday night no log of any actions of any one loging in. I figure dok other users are problaly infront of me so ill wait. Tuesday night at 6pm I called swsoft again to find out what is going on, and to ask if anybody was going to do anything. I was told they where working on it. I thought ok there getting to it.

    They logged in to my server for about 5 minutes restarted plesk services using the task tray icon and logged off.

    Now what the hell. I was happy with the unix plesk but if you cant make a windows based product that works properly with out errors then why try to make a profit off it.

    I have searched the windows based forum over and over and have found 80 to 90 posts regarding slow servers.

    Now I have heard people telling em to check your database, check your isapi settings, disable spam assasin, etc. and after the person with the problem responds done that they never get any responses.

    There are hundreds of open posts with people asking for help. It also seems the majority of those are speed issues such as plesk loading slow, perl.exe running high, php.exe running high, etc.

    And smtp connection errors. Well since there are so many requests why doesnt plesk release somethign showing how to stop the loss of speed as well as smtp fixes.

    I mean I know they know how to stop the server from running slow since they did it almost as soon as they logged on to my server. And then after the restart it went right back to slow again oh and after the restart and the plesk page didnt work he logged off and never logged back in.

    As for the smtp problem Ill respond to as many as I can with the same problem, but again it is rediculas there is a post saying there going to have more staff start roaming the forums. Where the hell are they? That post was in 2004.


    So why do some still defend em? Plesk know what there doing on unix all though I still say cPanel is a little better in some ways as well. As for windows, SWsoft you have no idea. Dont release something unless it works right. I mean I purchase a computer nowdays all I got to really do is plug it in and it works after a bit of online registration.

    I think the speed issue should be the first thing swsoft should respond to.

    Maybe they dont want to tell any one so people keep having to pay more and more to get it fixed I dont know

    But I do know it is a issue.

    and it has beenr eported throughout all plesk releases. FIX IT, I mean this forum has 18 thousand users, Maybe 2/3rds of those are through 3rd party resellers, ok thats about 6 thousand users, hmm, even is half thos purchased a monthly liscense thats

    $120,000.00 a month plesk is making off there products and yet they act like they cant afford the manpower to fix there customers problems.

    The old saying in bussiness is.

    If you dont take care of your customers, Someone else will.

    So take care of you customers SWsoft
  2. wtwolf6

    wtwolf6 Guest


    well I can use my control panel now.
    They said the problem was the auth.php file had gotten corrupted and they replaced it.

    I still can not log in to FTP or send outgoing smtp emails.
    Wich is why this all started with was the smtp not connecting everything else worked.

    LEt see how long it takes em to fix it.
    Mind you no sites can be loged in to via ftp program.

    Nor can any external connections from the library to my normal job to my private connections at home can connect on smtp so i know it is not the email client.
  3. wtwolf6

    wtwolf6 Guest

    I have a big appoligy to make.

    First thing first.
    SWsoft has done an excellent job except for response time but I must say this was a isp issue.

    Seems comcast has disabled port 25.

    To fix this click start>>run>> type in mailenable.msc and click ok,
    when this window opens click MAilenable MAnagement>> Servers>> Localhost>> Connectors>> right click smtp and click properties. Now click the inbound tab and check Also listen on alternate port, change to 26. Click Apply and click ok.
    File>> Exit>> Yes

    to test to see if your isp has disabled port 25 open command prompt
    type in "telnet mail.YOURDOMAIN.HERE 26" with out the quotes, change yourdomain.here to what it is, If it connects try the same but change the 26 to 25 if it fails your isp has blocked port 25, contact your isp or just change your mail accounts to send outgoing mail on port 26, this should fix the problem

    I have my biggest sites in dedicated application pools, all with 3 worker threads,

    To add sites to dedicated pools check the option upon set up are open IIS, click the first plus sign next to your servers name right click application pool and click new pool. now type in the name of your domain, eg. mydomain.com(domain)(pool) and click use
    existing, select plesk(default)(pool) and click ok

    Now select the website from the folder website view in IIS, right click your domain and click properties, click the home directory tab, something else that helped speed it up was unchecking the log visits, change Application pool drop down box to the app pool you made earlier and click apply>> ok

    This reduced page loads to .47,

    The speed of the server was also caused by the improper configuration of the indexing service.

    To access the indexing service control panel click start>> run>> type in ciadv.msc,
    I clicked the show/hide console button to see what i was working with, deleted web, and alterd the system index to only index plesk, and my inetpub folders.

    This reduced my server cpu to almost nothing and page loads are up to .007,

    As for ftp click my computer, control panel, switch to catagory view click user accounts,
    open the users folder and make sure the accounts are active,

    I believe that sums it up so I am sorry for my comments appreciate the help just could have used a quicker response time.

    Hope this helps some body else as well as i did what few do post the fixes after major problems and i know other users have this same issue