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"plesk scrubber" add-on

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by rossgile, Aug 25, 2005.

  1. rossgile

    rossgile Guest

    I suggest adding some kind of plesk cleaner module to your application.

    Here are my first suggestions to the "plesk scrubber":

    1. Check all MX records that point to to a CNAME record. Suggest that you change them to A records. This will make your system run more efficient since when a MX record is referenced, there is only one lookup on the DNS server - not two with a CNAME record.

    2. List all E-mail accounts that have no mailbox, forwarding or anything else. Obviously, e-mail accounts that are not setup to go anywhere are worthless in Plesk. I have one client that had over 100 e-mail accounts that were basically DOA (no mailbox, forwarding, group, etc.)

    Do you any other suggestions? I bet if you add your own ideas, Plesk folks will create a "plesk scubber" for us to manage our hosting clients better.

    - Ross
  2. rossgile

    rossgile Guest

    another suggestion:

    Check all mailboxes to see if the SpamAssassin is turned on. I'm finding SpamAssassin turned off on a lot of mailboxes on my server.

    It would be nice to tell "plesk scrubber" to turn on SpamAssassin on all mailboxes.

    - rg
  3. ProfiTiger

    ProfiTiger Guest