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Plesk Upgrade Issues - RANT

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by renhack, Feb 23, 2005.

  1. renhack

    renhack Guest

    I see the 7.5 fallout and subsequent finger pointing has begun. What amazes me most is not that theres a bug with the upgrade, but that so many of you applied the upgrade to a production server. You just couldnt resist throwing all caution to the wind and double clicking the install 10 minutes after you got your email announcement. Then you come here and act like sw-soft is the only software maker in the world who would release a flawed upgrade. I recall a few better known companies guilty of the same thing. Microsoft, Oracle, Macromedia and Veritas just to name a few.

    If your one of the guilty ones, you should just throw in the hat. You dont deserve to be in the hosting community and your customers dont deserve to be fooled into thinking their data is safe in your hands.

    I've read so many posts where the poster doesnt even understand the basics of IIS, permissions and DNS but still sells themseves as a service provider. It just boggles the mind that these same people are what drives the profability of hosting into the toilet with overselling and deep discounted plans.

    On the other hand... without all of you I would never know when its safe to uprade our testing server. I commend you! bravo!
  2. marcwolf

    marcwolf Guest

    Well - many of us use Plesk for a variety of reasons.

    For example - we use a hosting comapny so we can offer our clients high speed servers with our software on them

    Why Plesk - because we are not ISP, have no time to become ISP's, and it has a easy user interface for setting up clients, domains, etc.

    As a package - Plesk is pretty good for helping people who are not in the business to become an ISP to manage a couple of computers

    However - a relative degree of testing should be done to ensure that the package will install and upgrade on a standard system.

    Just my views
  3. gmoody

    gmoody Guest

    While I do agree with most of what you say, renhack, there is more to it than that. If ANY of the Plesk upgrades had worked, or for that matter ANY version fresh installed worked, or if ANY patch solved more problems than it created, or IF support really supported the problem, I would 100% agree with you. But none of the above statements have happened to date.

    We pay for a working program that does what it is advertised to do. Rarely is this the case with the windows version of the product. They release new versions well before old versions are functioning correctly. They make us pay for support when the problems are there own, and even then support is minimal at best.

    If I had not commited to Plesk for Windows on multiple servers, and created training and support information for my clients based on Plesk, I would have moved to another control panel. Hopefully they will begin to listen to us and work the problems out.

    ....It did say RANT :)
  4. chainy

    chainy Guest

    i agree gmoody
    i purchased plesk not for hosting in a big way or think that i am able to, i run a small company as a web designer , developer and just want to be able to offer some of the clients the chioce of hosting not in a big way and besides that i did not read anywhere you have got to be systems operator! in fact i did read that it states you don't have to know anything about windows server 2003 and plesk is easy to operate to administer your server, thats why i purchased it and if you pay your money you want the service regaurdless who you are or your status as a hosting service. Thanks for the Rant:eek:
  5. sieb@

    sieb@ Guest

    I have said countless times before that when you play on the bleeding edge, you will get cut. That being said, yes, you only have yourself to blame when you update your software without testing it. Anyone in a large corporation knows you don't do this which is why it takes months to roll out new software or patches into production.

    Its not SW-SOFT'S job to test every possible configuration, nor is it possible; so complaining about them not doing their job is just looking for a scapegoat. If i recall, 7.5 went through three RCs before going gold, I think that's more than the last Linux version got. But its YOUR responsibility to test it with YOUR hardware before putting it on a production server. Only YOU can help make the software better for everyone else if you help by testing and telling them whats broken. NOT complaining that all your clients are mad at you because you updated a server without testing and now nothing works. Nothing ever works when it first comes out. Sure, they could do even MORE testing before releasing, but then we would never see a new version released.

    I knew this would happen so I didn't bother with the upgrade. My server works fine right now, and I won't upgrade till after I find the time to load a test server. This rant wasn't directed at anybody. :p

    All it takes is planning. :rolleyes:
  6. AndroidI

    AndroidI Guest

    installing or upgrading

    I see lots of you should have tested before doing anthing on the production server. Well I tested it for 3 weeks prior to installing it on the production server and there were no failures or problems at all.

    The two systems are identical 4.9 freebsd servers the one was flawless fresh install and every thing worked with out a hitch.

    The other system used the auto ugrader and that is the only difference in the two. Many files were found aftwards that were not set too proper permissions and such.

    Now I have the production server with out the ability too add new domains working at all but the test server I can do anything at all add, delete and what ever .

    Why is this so... anyone got any answers and i do test things before putting them online yet after a 3 week test period every thing works why is the production server having the problems of not adding domains and thi s is a real problem cause I have 4 new client sites too add and cannot.
  7. renhack

    renhack Guest

    You missed the point. Your comparing a "fresh install" to an "upgrade". Not the same thing. Therefore you did not test the upgrade. You only tested the funtionality of plesk 7.5.

    We make sure we test the upgrade path, not the just the app itself.
  8. gorilla

    gorilla Guest

    hi sieb ,
    great flash work you got there ! :D
  9. flyby

    flyby Guest

    Hey gmoody
    What other control panel would you use?
    I have try many windows CP, when I was looking something other than Plesk. And I came back tp Plesk and hope the one day it would work. You can not get a 30day free testing version whit helm as you can whit plesk. Hosting controller is very ugly and strange to navigate around.
    But you can see the many also convert from helm to plesk, so helm is not a 100% as some say in this forum.

    Plesk is pretty, look good, easy to navigate, eazy to install and my costermer lovs it.
    I also have ALOT of problems whit plesk for windows, but I also think that other CP have alot of erros.
    And im not talking on Unix server.
    I have a Plesk for unix version 5, and I never have any problems whit this. It dont have all the nice new things, but is runs find and has not been restarted in over a year!

    I just hope the PLESK for windows is gooing to work soon. :rolleyes: