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Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by ExarKun, Aug 26, 2006.

  1. ExarKun

    ExarKun Guest

    Hello, after an update of the Plesk software from 7.5.6 on 7.6.1 my Control-Panel functions no more.
    Indeed, Login functions, but I see no Domains, customer or server settings. There is simply an empty side.

    What does this lie with?
    It is really urgent.

    With thanks,
  2. Skeeter

    Skeeter Guest

    Try to run this command:

    %plesk_dir%\mysql\bin\mysql -uadmin -p<plesk-admin-password> psa -P8306 -e "select name from domains;"

    in command prompt on the server.

    If this command returns no domain names, there must be some configuration lost.

    In this case you would need to find a backup of your server and restore it.

    In case the domains are returned by the command, make sure, that you have no active filters for the domain and clients list.
  3. ExarKun

    ExarKun Guest

    Thus in the web there run the Domains, only plesk I cannot use there I see after login nothing more.
  4. Skeeter

    Skeeter Guest

    Please, tell what this command returns (after run in command prompt):

    %plesk_dir%\mysql\bin\mysql -uadmin -p<plesk-admin-password> psa -P8306 -e "select name from domains;"

    (type your plesk admin password instead of <plesk-admin-password>)
  5. ExarKun

    ExarKun Guest

    Thats it.
  6. Skeeter

    Skeeter Guest

    Hello, Sir

    Ok, this command cannot be run, as I can see.

    Have you got a support contract with SWsoft? If so, you can submit a support request at http://www.swsoft.com/en/support/plesk/

    If you have no support option, I would recommend you to try to restore a Plesk backup on this server, ignoring all possible errors.

    If you have no Plesk backup, You should take a look at the folder:

    %plesk_dir%\mysql\backup. This folder should contain files named psa###.sql where ### is the date of the backup.

    These files are backup of Plesk configuration database. You can try to restore one of these files, as a MySQL database on the MySQL instance located in %plesk_dir%\mysql, working on port 8306. You can login to this instance using the same login/password as for Plesk. Be sure to create a complete backup of the existing databases.

    If you want us to provide you with any additional information, please, submit a support request.
  7. ExarKun

    ExarKun Guest

    Same Problem :(

    PleskControlPanel dont work.
  8. fabiogrant

    fabiogrant Guest


    I installed the Plesk 7.6.1 in my server, and after, the language pack Portuguese.

    I have this problem too.

    In my tests, i'm verify if it's only 1 user connected in portuguese version, the controlpanel running perfect in portuguese, but if a second user log in this language, the system stop and blank screen view in all users connecteds with portuguese language pack.

    In English, run normally.

    You can provide this tests ?

    I think can be PHP 5 with apache 2, some limitation for sessions.

    Have idea ?
  9. DanivalBrazil

    DanivalBrazil Guest

    I have the same problem.

    Any ideia about the problem?
    I dont have contract with the SwSoft, because I located my server in datacenter.