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Poor Support For Expand

Discussion in 'Plesk Expand 2.0 and Legacy General Discussion' started by EnterpriseIT, Sep 24, 2005.

  1. EnterpriseIT

    EnterpriseIT Guest

    I am quite dissapointed in the support with expand and the turnaround on support tickets. Question, I get expand setup by the sw-soft support staff. Start using seperated dns and mail services and the dns records dissapear out of our two dns servers

    all my sites stop working and the expand team won't get back to me within a timeline. Nice to see eh?

    The product is great in theorary, it would be great if they can resolve their support issues, and expand problems quicker and I think Sw-Soft would have stumbled upon a great prpduct.

    But what good is a product without the support.
  2. Cranky

    Cranky Guest

    There's a 6hr response mon-fri 9-6 (EST), and 12hrs all other times, if you're not hearing back from them in these times, especially for urgent issues, I'd suggest giving them a call or contacting Plesk support manager.
  3. EnterpriseIT

    EnterpriseIT Guest

    re: 12 hour max

    Cranky, That would be why our dns is now offline for 60+ hours and no firm responce from the helpdesk apart from they will start working on it soon.

    I called them and they told me they would have someone onto it shortly. That was now 15+ hours ago.

    I beleive SW-Soft's products are some of the most advanced in the hosting industry. Please hear me from the right place, their products are awesome.

    I think they need some constructive feedback, and that is what this is.

    If SW-Soft want to hit the market and get their products out there, Especially in Australia, where we are asleep while America is awake, they need to give better support coverage.

    If I was aware that this would take untill today I would have planed the past 4 days differently and would not have been waiting on the other end of my mailbox attempting to fix this as they would not be long etc...

    I have now found I am not paying much for their support and would like to upgrade my support agreements with them.

    For that reason if I was palmed off to another customer who has paid for priority support I can understand. All I am asking is to know what is happening and not be put on a 10 hour at a time hold.

    If anyone else has some feedback on their support please let me know. Doesn't have to be all bad. I think it's constructive to give back our ideas and thoughts so they can make an already great company greater etc.


  4. EnterpriseIT

    EnterpriseIT Guest

    Problem Fixed

    It's funny, you know that when they work on it, the problem is resolved in about 10-20 minutes.

    I further follow up on my last comments. Better communication from support about what is going on.

  5. EnterpriseIT

    EnterpriseIT Guest

    I submitted a problem to their team this time on the weekend and it seemed to get a responce after a day which is a quicker responce time to before. Still not impressed by their support, but hopefully we get a bit more speed out of them yet,
  6. EnterpriseIT

    EnterpriseIT Guest

    I've now purchased the SW-Soft Gold Partnership for my company. No regrets so far. Phone support allow me now to talk with them and the emails seem to get a higher priority. I've also learn't that there are ways to get things happening and ways not to.

    1. When you log a ticket give simple explanation without babbling on and provide defailed errors from your logs that they can either assertain

    a.) it needs a patch
    b.) it needs an upgrade
    c.) it needs a tweak or a correction or;
    d.) it's not been seen before and needs to be sent to the developers

    2. Upon logging your ticket goto https://www.swsoft.com/support/spf to give authorisation for SW-Soft to actually touch your servers. You will need your ticket number you get from an email they send you upon submitting your support request. This does not have to be faxed to them but can be filled out online. Be prepared that you have to agree to be charged for work outside your agreements with them.

    3. Keep communicating with them constantly. When they reply don't put it into the waiting tray untill you are finished your lunch break. I've found when tech's are ready working on your ticket they will respond straight away.

    4. Be prepared for a 48 hour + turnaround on complex problems. In other words stop stuffing with your platform as if it's a toy and have it setup professionaly once.

    5. Put your experiences back onto the forum.

    I hope this will give you novices some good ideas etc.