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problem with backup after upgrading to 7.5.3

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by arachnidservice, Oct 31, 2005.

  1. arachnidservice

    arachnidservice Guest

    im currently using plesk CP for fedora 4, i did an update to 7.5.3
    and since then im getting this error when trying to backup anything.

    An error occured during backup process:

    START LOGGING: Tue Nov 01 01:00:16

    Postgres is not configured: all postgres databases will not be dumped.


    Making backup to STDOUT ...

    I've looked around and some people who've had similar issues, say its because of a failed install, how do i correct this ? I hear talk of force installs, but im unsure how to do this since i updated using the control panel...
    any help would be greatly appreciated.