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Problem with Smartermail server

Discussion in 'Plesk for Windows - 8.x and Older' started by shehatovich, Nov 2, 2008.

  1. shehatovich

    shehatovich Guest

    I installed smartermail server pro edition,and was working on its built-in web server.Every time I open it or try to log in to mailbox,it opens a blank page with the options on the top nad givs me error in page in the bottom left corner of the page and nothiong else displayed.

    I configured it on the IIS and created a web site for,but plesk didn't accept the username and password that I already created through the set up.

    Need help
  2. manos2000

    manos2000 Guest

    As you can see in other threads Plesk supports smartermail only if u use smartemail's web server (binding all ips at 9998). I also think that using IIS is better, and asked last year SW to implement an option for this (eg sacrify an ip of server to have smartermail there), but nothing...

  3. LeaUK

    LeaUK Guest

    I run SM 4.3x with Plesk 8.4 and have configured SM to run in IIS and using their own web server on 9998. You need both for plesk to talk on 9998 and users on port 80.

    The way to configure SM on IIS is to point the home folder of the IIS 'webmail' domain to the SM folder 'MRS'. That way Plesk updates the host headers for SM domains in the correct IIS site. So assuming you create a webmail.mydomain.com subdomains, it will always work even with shared IPs.