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Problems after upgrade to Plesk 7.5.4

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by nahikari, Nov 28, 2005.

  1. nahikari

    nahikari Guest

    I did update of Control Panel Plesk of version 7.5.3 to 7.5.4 of my server and this it did correctly but when attempt to access to the Control Panel shows to the following page and the following error to me and that it can happen, has not looked for and with himself that it can be generating this error, reason why request help me.

    #!/usr/local/psa/admin/bin/php ?4O֋ {?q? :T ? ?5ij?G?<??ʀBJp??? ?q? :O┇$y??5?e 䧮:舶ӹ砧ݫΛ?9ঝ?ό??0?$???#?IӐݵ5?ۧ???∡J?ϖ7ű3خ x??~ꁞ㬂|T噹{yk㵭q?e??? ? y ?e?ڭ?! ?֙? ? ?S=?F[
    ??Dž͉P ?dž?ꤲ ?? ??*?? !ZX?бU_>⩓?:?0|U?ݥM?柊 ?ɽ?5?%??u? fLk?¬`2ŢvΡU S\?? + wj/??бU_>⩞DM "PuA1ز??{Ǩ?e???ٹ?Z̎b ?AH”?6??lک.?2[?5颗ټ???솫?7볲v թC?LF h?۾?_V؋N՞?w??ȕiR´^Dٱ¿ ?? ?m??D?ӂ??U?絽߉"Z?I鳧 F?EЯWME߳ ? ?
    !?K槹? o13Ѡ?#kф 艧ғԍ _{?t> * Wt ?$}?=?dEv1 ?昀ۏ, 6Y,?zD??? ? [?l? ? ? -ԍҮ?ϡt?љ奘*{̒[?#??ߑ??۽ә|???靈z!?<|?v\? w4?طﹽK}U????P??o?Ԣbcȇp?絃? ˱ݹݶ´|̾h-%鏂?e^?h?*ٕ@?ꉱnߦ?Ղޟ?? ??)=ڄ.e? 컴?%??|?ݙߖ??Rڠ]⼹?㔩M? ƞ ??$?Y૱ =ݨ 淚!???8k?H??a? 8Ѯۂ?p䦣%$ Ԃ$??E֎s???颜$ 9Uk?u?B~ܦ7ތ- ? ?? ?G6?2#ݓ =???Ը??ΐE*ﻥ?Ư?3s?@ՄB? 1??g?8?ꏮ@ ǿ?}
    áᙼ???靈z?[ VLΜ¬?缵h~?p? ???؁ *?O???꬈ʋك㇎U?魋?e@Fo*rRN?? 8?ٺ w ѹΑ?R???褴xǢR?& ?݋?+뫉H ???顉 X??-ک??⬾W???? ??0J\P?@?魀?v䷋? ??ޒ7 ? Q隭x?b¬?`c ?GǪ`ZW?ا??? ??ک*Rk?;^??/ߋ??\| ?C?B I쁩? 墱؎S =???Ը??ΐE*ﻥ?Ư?3s?@Մ+?\՘:??顤??ә~????⬾W???? ??0J\᾽??cY{??=Ң 0? Σc~&'???$ b¬?` [秝ѱÈ/??~?J' "?)ZÓ???/͗d ??DڼK-?qᇗ??̽ x?]??'\?-?X $φ?寴??;?ֻ {pnI)c? ?[ز?D ? CU? *ϣV̵g9JCu????݉L䮃?wU˘?a??G? / ?Dk ??Ǐ PB??? ????⏖ ỞZ淪Bl?¬Վ???ßA??캴_&Pኩ cꧢ ?Ž ?b@Q Ԅ9_Q |B øl???-\?1N ???P?\u?? 2.7?_? pޝ???ցrcՊӠݬ,O-:"v ?䥼??k?????Dz?] 5ǔ倀D??dz9PҔ# ?/ L??~a??Y ?? %᝸!D ??Ȟi ??x'1JS觭א???,?y?%? ?Ӳ>?[? pߓ+¬#?lj?$???o
    haç#L>̶???N~ I???c?rt9ޓD=?ܖh ?ßK3G~ ǚ8?᲎??Ư?ᚚ뇮a _͞ ; W?ַ ? t:4|?@^J????Vq?tĭ鴦%??赪? L{K▫?ꝬtB?-7?_? pޝ???ցrcՊӠݬ,O-:"v ?䥼??k?????Dz?] 5ǔ倀D??1QѸڋ⪷/? ??/? ҏo?=䚌?????ki?㾭 ߥR᷎@? $`U# ۯ?Dd꘺ ?觠4?&? Q?Lj!?춗?bވPÃn[ o `q?ZϬ毤yȁKОD?þr?"?>zW ???(ͯ 틆dbץ  )g? 8? $
    ???⊱_ ũ떔\?䵜?HʚՇܒ}?
    (ʕ#??/᮷?у?\\"1j??????Ãœ?¯?ոL*yhg?ſuՓ?ط趌 y!1 D[t pس䄏?Ml?ﭱ# F ̵旇ꡁ? ??k퍻?2\䢺ڙ?’??…>h?:?bΝ?׃?ܽƚ?v?p鑲긙m4? ??M? ?? H=
    曫? ߾? 隰??=‹ő?0?>꓂L?하? ????U.тj7 կ勇=o΋d?? ? j??ٺ ? ? i狘&?Km濚??he_]=B?o?j#r֎?jن??¬EEs}?躴T???*#?OmjKж臇lͲ????Q>??!?.?앜Ox+^D G烗!4Ϡ>CĊ?"q ?;ϡO3K<~??eK׋?ǘRќr蔑رn ?4륡J겖iP /~] ? >p Ŝ?A?$ :ʿG??+?"?&? ??R u ??a??G?5.?ڊ? "׉?᎟? AZ ?ۻ?X׷ş???ɹ???ɒ??Sە?\}ݒ??a??G? ?">?ߥ\G踊գ&9¬¬ y??$` 3?v

    Best Regards
  2. nahikari

    nahikari Guest

    Thanks for all I have the solution :D