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Problems restoring 8.1 backup

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by steveP@, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. steveP@

    steveP@ Guest

    Hi all!
    I've got some quite big problem restoring my plesk 8.1 backup with the 8.2 pleskrestore utility. What I've done till now:
    Plesk 8.1 Suse 10.1:
    /<pleskpath>/pleskbackup -v -all plesk_backup.pbackup

    new installed Suse 10.2 with plesk 8.2:
    /<pleskpath>/pleskrestore --create-map plesk_backup.pbackup -map mapfile.map <executet with no errors>
    /<pleskpath>/pleskrestore --restore plesk_backup.pbackup -map mapfile.map -level all -verbose -license
    then the restore utility exited after some time because plesk was running with a demo license. so i logged in on plesk and installed a fullkey. after that i ran the same commando again. But there were no content in the www dirs so I added -debug and there i found multiple

    "Unpack MIME part.
    The probable reason is: Runtime error during 'untar': MIME-part with Content-Id 'DOMAIN is not found"


    How can I fix this? I need my important data back. I've only have pleskbackups.

    Thanks in advantage