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procmail help!

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by Jason_I_Am, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Jason_I_Am

    Jason_I_Am Guest


    I have a Fedora Core 2 setup with Plesk 7.5 Reloaded and qmail as my MTA.
    I am trying to use Procmail to filter certain types of mails however no matter what I try, I can't get it to work properly.

    Let's say I have my mails set up in:


    I want to set up a procmail script in the <DOMAIN> directory which will filter mails for every user for that domain. I've edited my .qmail-default file to include the line:

    |preline /usr/bin/procmail -m -p .procmailrc

    so that's fine, I think.

    I'm trying to filter any mails which come in with the subject TestMail. If this is found, I want it to add a line to the mail header saying X-Hi: Hi.
    My .procmailrc file looks like:

    I'm using the "Maildir" folder format so the end / is needed in the MAILDIR line.

    The above script doesn't deliver the mails to the directory it's supposed to. If I put the complete path in the MAILDIR, it will of course work just fine but this isn't what I want. I need it to work for all current and future e-mail accounts for this particular domain.

    I need help from anyone that has done this sort of thing before. What have others done in similar situations? What conclusions did you come to?

    Thanks for ANY help provided.
  2. Jason_I_Am

    Jason_I_Am Guest

    Noone has any ideas or example scripts? Anything related to procmail + qmail and multiple users would be ideal, really! :D

    I'm still stumped so I would appreciate the help.