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Project Proposal: Email Tracking Appliance

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by zymsys, Nov 15, 2005.

  1. zymsys

    zymsys Guest

    I've been thinking about building a better mail appliance because of this thread here:


    I'd like to build a mail appliance that tracked individual user's email to the point that another server has taken responsibility for it, and allows users to log into it and see what's happened to their messages. I am so tired of users calling me because either Joe Client hasn't received a message they sent, or they haven't received a message Joe Client sent to them.

    They could log into Plesk and load up something which would give them a daily email activity report, maybe for the last week or so. It might include user friendly entries like "At 10:00am you sent a message to Joe Client. His mail server at mail.joeclient.com accepted this message at 10:01am." or "At 10:16am a message for you from Joe Client was received from mail.joeclient.com. If you haven't received this message then check your junk mail folder." How many person hours of sysadmin time grepping log files would this save? I know it would make me a happy sysadmin.

    Do you think this would make a good add-on to Gamera, or that this would be possible within the framework of Gamera?

    I know I don't have time to actually do all of this, but maybe some of us could work together and build it, either as an add-on to Gamera or qmail or stand alone. I can handle everything from low level C UNIX programming to high level PHP and Plesk add-ons, I just don't have anywhere near enough time to do it all.

    Any thoughts? Any volunteers? I would appreciate your input.