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qmail problem

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by omegauser, Feb 14, 2006.

  1. omegauser

    omegauser Guest


    I run the following command>


    the result is>
    messages in queue = 144
    no yet processed = 0

    I think this is a big problem, how do I "see
    " what messages are and from whom., and how to I restart the qmail (command)

  2. omegauser

    omegauser Guest

    I run the followind command> qmail-qread
    and this is the result>
    done remote cc2000@intelnett.com
    done remote ccasa@cerveceria.com.gt
    done remote ccelia@empacadoratoledo.com
    done remote ccg@guate.net
    done remote cchangq@hotmail.com
    done remote cckorea@intelnett.com
    done remote cdavilmohr@guate.net
    remote cdbgalli@yahoo.com
    done remote cealsa@guate.net
    done remote cecardio@quetzal.net
    done remote ceconsa@itelgua.com
    remote cecs070775@yahoo.com
    done remote cedaf@guate.net
    done remote cedami@hotmail.com
    done remote cedarcima@c.net.gt
    done remote cedeme@intelnet.net.gt
    done remote cedesa@intelnet.net.gt
    done remote cedi@gold.guate.net
    done remote cedimagenxela@itelgua.com
    done remote cefco@concyt.gob.gt
    done remote ceibaltours@intelnet.net.gt
    14 Feb 2006 19:21:53 GMT #6063998 13498 <Paola.Broll@consultor.incae.edu>
    local 30-e.zamora@fundaeco.org.gt
    14 Feb 2006 23:22:08 GMT #6063975 71372 <MariaG@touricoholidays.com>
    remote conexpress1@yahoo.com.mx
    9 Feb 2006 04:47:36 GMT #6063653 6503 <>
    remote directpu@1n3-123.servernode.net
    14 Feb 2006 09:46:25 GMT #6063929 1497 <>
    remote baimaggieq@0451.com
    9 Feb 2006 09:52:29 GMT #6063630 6496 <>
    remote directpu@1n3-123.servernode.net
    15 Feb 2006 03:34:41 GMT #6064205 586544 <>
    remote conexpress1@yahoo.com.mx
    13 Feb 2006 18:22:40 GMT #6063952 771383 <ecorec@itelgua.com>
    done local 30-b.villeda@fundaeco.org.gt
    done local 30-c.lopez@fundaeco.org.gt
    local 30-e.zamora@fundaeco.org.gt
    done local 30-k.dubois@fundaeco.org.gt
    done local 30-m.castillo@fundaeco.org.gt
    done local 30-m.cerezo@fundaeco.org.gt
    done local 30-o.calderon@fundaeco.org.gt
    done local 30-r.soto@fundaeco.org.gt
    14 Feb 2006 15:34:23 GMT #6063654 891718 <obonilla@maquiauto.net> bouncing
    done remote icrea@intelnett.com
    done remote akalt@intelnet.net.gt
    remote heralvaro@interlnet.net.net
    done remote cecilwatson@excite.com
    done remote emp@c.net.gt
    done remote erflohr@fpkelectronicos.com
    done remote gcg@intelnett.com
    done remote gustavo@c.net.gt
    done remote copysa@intelnett.com
    done remote heralvaro@intelnet.net.gt
    done remote tachi@intelnet.net.gt
    done remote jacques@laincreibleabm.com
    done remote joaquin.puentej@optotecnica.com
    done remote jorgedemen@hotmail.com
    done remote jaibarguen@intelnet.net.gt
    done remote laluarca@intelnet.net.gt
    done remote Maikel_henderkott@hotmail.com
    done remote arriola@c.net.gt
    done remote pwever@guate.net.gt
    done remote ricardo.crowe@cropa.com.gt
    done remote lmotta@globalunion.com.gt

    The ones that do not have DONE are "floating'" in the Internet and have not arrived????

    How do I fix this????

  3. wagnerch

    wagnerch Guest

    /var/qmail/bin/qmail-qread would give you an idea where they are going, not necessarily where they are from.

    It is unusual to have that many queued messages, but it would really depend on what you do with your server. If you have alot of forums or mailing lists then it may not be too unusual.

    Most of the really big problems have been scenarios where there is more than 1K of messages queued. I have seen some servers with 15K, and one guy (here) mentioned 150K!

    Personally I have 40 domains hosted, and if I have more than 20 messages in the queue it is unusual. But I have also ran servers with popular mailing lists and it wouldn't be unusual to have 500 or 600 in the mail queue.
  4. omegauser

    omegauser Guest


    I have 30 domains hosted, many customers have told me that their messages are arriving 3 days after or 24 hours after, is this a problem with qmail queue?
  5. wagnerch

    wagnerch Guest

    Is this mail from your server or to your server?
  6. omegauser

    omegauser Guest

    From my server, I have add the Rt0 in the Args, will this change the delay?
  7. wagnerch

    wagnerch Guest

    Not sure what you added '-Rt0' to.

    There is a number of factors in mail delivery, sometimes it is purely due to spam filters, sometimes it is due to the remote server being down, and sometimes it is your fault.

    Did you test it out yourself sending mail to yahoo accounts, etc?