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Question about assigning an exclusive IP

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by JerkyChew, Jun 8, 2005.

  1. JerkyChew

    JerkyChew Guest


    We are running a Plesk 7.5 box with several domains on a shared IP. A couple clients would like secure sites, so I have procured the IP addresses needed for each domain. However, I have a question before I change the status of the exclusive IP.

    The plan is to log into the server, go to IP addresses, click the 0 under clients, and add a client to that IP address. If I do that, will the IP change happen immediately? Do I need to do anything else so that www.blah.com now points to that IP? Of course if it's immediate I'd like to know that, as I'm sure it would break some of their site till DNS propogates across the net.
  2. JerkyChew

    JerkyChew Guest

    Ok, more info. I've found that I can add the client, but I don't have to add the IP until afterwards. I go to the setup for that domain, hosting, and change the default IP address via the drop-down box. But that still doesn't answer my question - When I change that pulldown, will that modify all the DNS and IP info on the domain, causing some people to get a broken page until the DNS propogates?
  3. perlboy

    perlboy Guest


    When you set the Default IP it will only list the domains which are currently ON that IP. When you change the IP for the domain to the dedicated IP, yes, it will break the site.

    TO avoid that, change to the dedicated IP then added this to the bottom of your httpd.conf: is the -> OLD <- IP

    ServerName [url]www.clientsdomain.com[/url]
    ServerAlias clientsdomain.com
    ProxyPreserveHost On
    ProxyPass / [url]http://www.clientsdomain.com/[/url]
    ProxyPassReverse / [url]http://www.clientsdomain.com/[/url]
    Then restart Apache. What that effectively does is force Apache to proxy requests for that domain on the old IP to the IP the domain currently resolves to (based on DNS lookup results). Since it's just another IP on the box it'll proxy to itself (ie. serving the same site on 2 IPs).

    After the DNS cache has been flushed (72hrs or so) nuke those lines and the transition is complete.

  4. JerkyChew

    JerkyChew Guest

    Nice litle workaround! Thanks!
  5. zboyblue

    zboyblue Guest


    (I moved a domain to another IP and it was not working, this fixed it!)