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Question to Subdomain / default-Page / vhost.conf

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by mike2006, Jul 8, 2006.

  1. mike2006

    mike2006 Guest


    my external NS gives all requests for domain1.tld via A-Record and *-A-Record to my webserver (config look footer).

    Via Plesk I create sub1.domain1.tld.

    http://domain1.tld --> Maincontent: ok
    http://www.domain1.tld --> Maincontent: ok

    http://sub1.domain1.tld --> Subdomaincontent: ok
    http://ANYTHING.sub1.domain1.tld --> default Plesk page: NOT ok

    http://NotAvail.domain1.tld --> default Plesk page: NOT ok

    I want that alle not via Plesk defined subdomains are directed to the main content (to domain1.tld).

    And also that all not existing Subdomains for existing subdomain (NOTEXIST.sub1.domain1.tld) are directed to the subdomain-content.

    My solutions (not working):

    1. editing httpd.conf
    nothing changed

    2. creating vhost.conf in domain's /conf-folder:
    DomainAlias *.domain1.tld

    also the via Plesk registered subdomains go to the mainpage, not only the NONEXIST.domain1.tld.

    3. edit the http.include
    IT works, but Plesk overwrites this files

    I think my request is absolute normal like in daily-usage. Which files I had to edit that my configuration works ?

    I restart webserver and apache after changing/editing files.

    Here I found no solution for my prob, but a lot of people have the same probs.

    Thanks for any hint what I can try.