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Raw Logfiles

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by thundercon787, Feb 6, 2005.

  1. thundercon787

    thundercon787 Guest

    Alright I hate webalizer..

    anyone know where ican find the raw log files for each site within the plesk so i cna see the real things like spiders and listing and other marketingthings i do.?

  2. thundercon787

    thundercon787 Guest

    let me go on... i check the /statistics/logs directory within each domain...

    I see the access_log

    is there a way i can make a cronjob or a custom script to allow these logs to be downloaded to each users domain or somehow make it move to a folder within their domain so they can download these etc?

    please let me know.. or is there a master place to grab these etc..

    or a way to allow them to grab these logs easily.. thanx!

  3. thundercon787

    thundercon787 Guest

    anyone know how i can add into the crontab of the control panel a command line that i could copy the /statistics/log/access_log or all logs daily into the /domain/http/log or something

    and do this daily.. and not overwrite or delete the logs in the directory.. etc..

    and any way to setup a reverse cron to delete all files in a specific folder once a week... like the /domain/http/log directory or something.. thanx alot..