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Reinstalling SSL Certificate

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by totalcool, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. totalcool

    totalcool Guest

    Hi all;

    I've recently deleted a SSL certificate on my domain and tried to reinstall the private key and certificate and i get an in invalid private key/certificate pair error, how can this be?

    The key and the cert were backed up the date it was installed.

    Thanks for any light on this situation.
  2. totalcool

    totalcool Guest

    Never Mind

    I've figured it out thanks.
  3. opaltech

    opaltech Guest

    Can you tell me the solution please? I have the same problem
  4. totalcool

    totalcool Guest

    Its really easy.. don't create a new certificate... just add the info @ the main window. Instead of building a new csr, just add the private key, and certificate and name your cert and hit save.
  5. opaltech

    opaltech Guest

    I wasn't actually trying to create new certificate.
    I simply tried uploading the new Certificate and the CA certificate parts for the certificate that is about to expire. when I do that I get the "unable to set the certificate: Incompatible private key/certificate pair"

    after that I've tried creating a new one, using the private key from the existing one and the newly issued Certificate - same deal.

    Can you tell me the steps you took?
    What version on Plesk were you running at the time? I'm on 7.5.3

  6. totalcool

    totalcool Guest

    I'm on 7.5.3 as well..

    In the domain click on the certificate icon,

    then click on add new certificate;

    On the next page. FILL OUT certificate name.

    And the in the boxes below..
    " upload the certificate as text"

    Paste the Private key;

    Then The certificate

    At the bottom of the page click send text.

    That's it!
  7. opaltech

    opaltech Guest

    That's exactly what I did before and I stil get the message...

    Looks like my problem is something else :(

    One last question:
    I assume that the private key that you used is the same as with the expired certificate, right?
  8. totalcool

    totalcool Guest

    yes, i save the private key and certificate of each domain as soon as I purchase them in a safe place.
  9. opaltech

    opaltech Guest

    Looks like I'll need to generate a new CSR and re-key the certificate (I can do twice for free)

    Thanks heaps for your help!
    This was the quickest response I've got in a long time.