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Restore from system backup results in empty databases

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by JROnline, Nov 16, 2005.

  1. JROnline

    JROnline Guest

    Since we have installed Plesk 7.5.4 on our servers we have problems restoring one (or more) domains from the system backups. Everything gets restored correctly, only the databases are empty. No errors are shown during the restoration process:

    Restoring mysql database '<dbase name>' ... done

    Does anyone experience the same problem? And if known, is there a solution to this problem?

    If we run a single domain backup-restore, the database is restored correctly, only from system backups is does not work.

    System software is Centos 3.4 and Plesk 7.5.4

    Any hints?
  2. hardweb

    hardweb Guest

    Have you upgraded the backup utils? Have you tried to restore and backup with the same version utils? What OS and Mysql version do you have on the server?
  3. JROnline

    JROnline Guest

    All updates have been applied to all servers. A summary of the software components are resulted below:

    A Plesk 7.5.4 updates with Centos 4.x has the following components:

    bind 9.2.4-2
    coldfusion Component was not installed
    coldfusion-support 2.96-132.7.2
    courier-imap 3.0.8-rhel4.build75050824.12
    drweb 4.32.2-rh7_psa
    drweb-qmail 4.32-rhel4.build75050824.12
    httpd 2.0.52-12.ent
    mailman 2.1.5-33.rhel4
    mod_perl 1.99_16-4
    mod_python 3.1.3-5.1
    mysql 4.1.10a-2.RHEL4.1
    perl-Apache-ASP 2.57-rhel4.build75050824.12
    php 4.3.9-3.6
    postgresql-server 7.4.7-2.RHEL4.1
    psa 7.5.4-rhel4.build75050824.12
    psa-api-rpc 7.5.4-rhel4.build75050930.11
    psa-bu 7.5.4-rhel4.build75050926.17
    psa-horde 3.0.5-rhel4.build75050824.12
    psa-imp 4.0.3-rhel4.build75050824.12
    psa-logrotate 3.7-rhel4.build75050824.12
    psa-manual-custom-skin-guide 7.5.4-rhel4.build75050824.12
    psa-migration-manager 7.5.4-rhel4.build75050930.11
    psa-proftpd 1.2.10-rhel4.build75050824.12
    psa-qmail 1.03-rhel4.build75050824.12
    psa-qmail-rblsmtpd 0.70-rhel4.build75050824.12
    psa-spamassassin 7.5.4-rhel4.build75050927.15
    psa-tomcat-configurator 7.5.4-rhel4.build75050824.12
    psa-turba 2.0.3-rhel4.build75050926.17
    samba 3.0.10-1.4E
    spamassassin 3.0.1-0.EL4
    SSHTerm 0.2.2-rhel4.build75050824.12
    tomcat 4.1.24-full.2jpp
    webalizer 2.01_10-25

    A Plesk 7.5.4 with Centos 3.4 has these components:

    bind 9.2.4-5_EL3
    coldfusion Component was not installed
    coldfusion-support 7.3-2.96.128
    courier-imap 3.0.8-rhel3.build75050824.12
    drweb 4.32.2-rh7_psa
    drweb-qmail 4.32-rhel3.build75050824.12
    httpd 2.0.46-46.ent
    mailman 2.1.5-25.rhel3
    mod_perl 1.99_09-10.ent
    mod_python 3.0.3-5.ent
    mysql 3.23.58-16.RHEL3.1
    perl-Apache-ASP 2.57-rhel3.build75050824.12
    php 4.3.10-3.rhel3.art
    postgresql-server 7.3.9-2
    psa 7.5.4-rhel3.build75050824.12
    psa-api-rpc 7.5.4-rhel3.build75050930.11
    psa-bu 7.5.4-rhel3.build75050926.17
    psa-horde 3.0.5-rhel3.build75050824.12
    psa-imp 4.0.3-rhel3.build75050824.12
    psa-logrotate 3.7-rhel3.build75050824.12
    psa-manual-custom-skin-guide 7.5.4-rhel3.build75050824.12
    psa-migration-manager 7.5.4-rhel3.build75050930.11
    psa-proftpd 1.2.10-rhel3.build75050824.12
    psa-qmail 1.03-rhel3.build75050824.12
    psa-qmail-rblsmtpd 0.70-rhel3.build75050824.12
    psa-spamassassin 7.5.4-rhel3.build75050927.15
    psa-tomcat-configurator 7.5.4-rhel3.build75050824.12
    psa-turba 2.0.3-rhel3.build75050926.17
    samba 3.0.9-1.3E.3
    spamassassin 2.63-0.2
    SSHTerm 0.2.2-rhel3.build75050824.12
    tomcat 4.1.24-full.2jpp
    webalizer 2.01_10-15.ent

    The empty databases show up in all cases: as well when we restore from centos 3.4 to centos 3.4, from centos 3.4 to centos 4.x and the other way around (from centos 4.x to centos x).