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Scheduling backup does not schedule

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by skrieg2, Mar 26, 2007.

  1. skrieg2

    skrieg2 Guest


    I'm trying to create site backups over ftp.

    The sites are not backuped. No email back.

    But if I click on "update now" the site is backuped without any problem.

    How to resolve this ? Thank you.
  2. skrieg2

    skrieg2 Guest

    Backups are quite important.
  3. unsichtbarre

    unsichtbarre Guest

    Same problem here, backups are scheduled and enabled, yet do not occurr. I am using FTP repository too.

  4. Dmitry Frantsev

    Dmitry Frantsev Golden Pleskian

    Sep 19, 2005
    Likes Received:
    Try to install latest Plesk updates and check this situation one more time.
    If this doesn't help could you give us more information about this issue? I mean, do you have any exactly errors or something like this?
  5. skrieg2

    skrieg2 Guest


    Thanks for your advise. I am going to test the upgrade on a test server instead of working blind on a prod server. I need to be 100% sure the upgrade will work.

    I have absolutely no info. about this issue. No error back. No email received. I can't even find any cron job related to this task.

    BTW, I've got another server installed with the latest Plesk version and Plesk's backup seem to work (no restore tests yet). So I'm pretty sure upgrading will fix the issue.
  6. unsichtbarre

    unsichtbarre Guest

    I have updated to 8.1.1 with no improvement in the situation. FTP account properties are correct, I can "Backup Now" sucessfully to FTP repository, but scheduled backups do not occurr. I see no error messages.

    Plesk info:
    awstats 6.5-3.fc4
    bind 9.3.1-20.FC4
    coldfusion Component was not installed
    coldfusion-support Component was not installed
    courier-imap 3.0.8-fc4.build81070322.16
    drweb Component was not installed
    drweb-qmail Component was not installed
    frontpage Component was not installed
    httpd 2.0.54-10.4
    mailman Component was not installed
    mod_perl 2.0.1-1.fc4
    mod_python 3.1.4-2
    mysql 4.1.20-1.FC4.1
    perl-Apache-ASP 2.59-fc4.build80060613.20
    php 5.0.4-10.5
    postgresql-server Component was not installed
    psa 8.1.1-fc4.build81070322.16
    psa-api-rpc 8.1.1-fc4.build81070322.16
    psa-autoinstaller 3.1.0-build31061201.02
    psa-backup-manager 8.1.1-fc4.build81070322.16
    psa-horde 3.1.3-fc4.build81070322.16
    psa-imp 4.1.3-fc4.build81070322.16
    psa-logrotate 3.7-fc4.build81070322.16
    psa-manual-custom-skin-guide 8.1.1-fc4.build81070322.16
    psa-migration-manager 8.1.1-fc4.build81070322.16
    psa-miva Component was not installed
    psa-mod-fcgid-configurator Component was not installed
    psa-proftpd 1.3.0-fc4.build81070322.16
    psa-qmail 1.03-fc4.build81070322.16
    psa-qmail-rblsmtpd 0.70-fc4.build80060613.20
    psa-rubyrails-configurator Component was not installed
    psa-spamassassin 8.1.1-fc4.build81070322.16
    psa-tomcat-configurator 8.1.1-fc4.build81070322.16
    psa-turba 2.1.3-fc4.build81070322.16
    ruby Component was not installed
    samba 3.0.23a-1.fc4.1
    spamassassin 3.0.6-1.fc4
    SSHTerm 0.2.2-fc4.build81061129.22
    tomcat 5.0.30-5jpp_6fc
    webalizer 2.01_10-28
  7. skrieg2

    skrieg2 Guest

    Hi unsichtbarre,

    Thank you for taking part to the lost souls thread.

    What distribution are you using ?
  8. c0d3x

    c0d3x Guest

    same problem here...
  9. nocrash

    nocrash Basic Pleskian

    Apr 12, 2007
    Likes Received:
    you are not alone. in the plesk webfront backups are enabled and sheduled.

    but no backup after a few days after installing some updates for 8.1.0 .

    Autoinstaller 3.1.0 (build at 2006-12-01 02:42) started at (timezone CET) Thu Mar  1 13:15:44 2007
    Command line args: /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/autoinstaller --enable-xml-output --source-type=plesk --select-release-id=PLESK_8_1_0 --notify-email=
    --install-component=base --install-component=psa-fileserver --target=/home/psa 
    Try to find rcfile...
    Autoinstaller rcfile not found.
    Check hostname is sucessfull.
    Opsys detected as: os_name=Linux os_vendor=SuSE version=9.3 arch=x86_64 environment=
    Final opsys (with overriding) is: os_name=Linux os_vendor=SuSE version=9.3 arch=x86_64 environment=
    repository: Get brief packages info for all sources
    Checking for installed system packages...readSystemPackagesBrief: execute rpm -qa --queryformat 'F:system_installed_brief_%{NAME}-%{VERSION}-%{RELEASE}.rpm\nN:%{NAME}\nE:%{EPOCH}\nV:%{VERSION}\nL:%{RELEASE}\nA:%{ARCH}\nf:%{INSTALLTIME}\nB:%{BUILDTIME}\nX:\n' 
    Download file products.inf3: 100% done.
    Download file plesk.inf3: 100% done.
    Download file sitebuilder.inf3: 11%..100% done.
    release PLESK_8_1_0 is actual
    release SB_3_0_2 is actual
    Select best build of PLESK_8_1_0 for current OS
    Start packages installation
    prepareInstallStep: resolve results for package(s):
     (s) system_installed_psa-8.1.0-suse9.3.build81061129.22.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_psa-hotfix3-8.1.0-suse9.3.build81061212.22.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_psa-hotfix4-8.1.0-suse9.3.build81061226.14.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_psa-hotfix5-8.1.0-suse9.3.build81070201.15.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_bash-3.0-15.x86_64.rpm
    Install package psa-hotfix6-8.1.0-suse9.3.build81070224.19.noarch
     Trying to replace files and set up right permissions... done
     Trying to perform keyupdate... done
    /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/httpsdctl stop: httpd stopped
    Stopping Plesk: ..done
    xinetd  off
    Starting INET services. (xinetd)..done
    named  off
    Starting name server BIND - Warning: named already running! ..done
    mysql  off
    Starting service MySQL..done
    postgresql  off
    Starting PostgreSQLpg_ctl: ein anderer postmaster l??uft m??glicherweise; versuche trotzdem zu starten
    pg_ctl: konnte postmaster nicht starten
    Pr??fen Sie die Logausgabe.
    psa-spamassassin  off
    Starting psa-spamassassin service: ..done
    apache2  off
    Processing config directory: /usr/local/psa/admin/conf/httpsd.*.include
    /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/httpsdctl start: httpd started
    Starting Plesk: ..done
    drwebd  on
    Starting drwebd ..done
    prepareInstallStep: resolve results for package(s):
     (s) system_installed_psa-predb-8.1.0-suse9.3.build81061213.17.noarch.rpm
    Install package psa-locale-base-en-US-8.1.0-suse9.3.build81070224.19.noarch
    prepareInstallStep: resolve results for package(s):
     (s) system_installed_samba-client-3.0.13-1.1.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_coreutils-5.3.0-10.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_binutils-
     (s) system_installed_grep-2.5.1a-4.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_bash-3.0-15.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_libacl-2.2.30-3.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_libattr-2.4.22-3.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_glibc-2.3.4-23.4.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_e2fsprogs-1.36-5.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_openssl-0.9.7e-3.2.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_cups-libs-1.1.23-7.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_krb5-1.4-16.4.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_openldap2-client-2.2.23-6.2.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_pam-0.78-8.x86_64.rpm
     (s) system_installed_popt-1.7-207.x86_64.rpm
    Install package samba-3.0.13-1.6.x86_64
    Installation done.
    Exit with OK status
    Plesk autoinstaller.
    No upturn with 8.1.1-1 :(

    crond seems to be working now, if i start it directly and not with the init script . i got watchguard mails again.

    crontab -l shows the line which should process the plesk backups:

    there's a file /usr/local/psa/var/backup_tasks_mng.lock that seems to block the backup process? i just delete it and start backupmng with much more success. Meanwhile i try to get through the strace output.
  10. skrieg2

    skrieg2 Guest

    Thanks for your tip.

    I deleted it too and the backups seem to work now.

    But I don't trust anymore this tool. I'm going to use a home made script.
  11. kerpau

    kerpau Guest

    SUCCESS!!! Thanks nocrash! Deleting "/usr/local/psa/var/backup_tasks_mng.lock" fixed the problem for me.
  12. unsichtbarre

    unsichtbarre Guest

    Unfortunatly I don't seem to have this file and backups still aren't working in 8.2

  13. c0d3x

    c0d3x Guest

    i have the same problem.... WE NEED A FIX SWSOFT
  14. Group One Sales

    Group One Sales Guest


    Yes Plesk backups are important and mine did not allow backups when clicking on this in Plesk CP.

    It also failed to update as was supposed to.

    I had to reinstall Plesk and then had to get a new key too. Took 7 1/2 weeks for my host to help with this. Plesk engineer agreed to help but host would not call to ask them to. The arrogance of tech support I guess.

    Any how while backups are important, Plesk software does not work well enough to make backups.