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Setting Mailbox Quotas?

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by john39390000, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. john39390000

    john39390000 Guest

    I have a hosted user account that has some gigantic mailboxes. I want to turn on mailbox quotas for them (now for the first time).

    Is the "Set the mailbox quota" option on the "Limits for domain DOMAINNAME" page a soft quota or a hard quota?

    What happens if I just turn it on -- set to a lower amount than is currently in the mailboxes?

    And in general, exactly what messaging do they get when they are at/over a quota? The Plesk manual suggests they get an email -- what's the wording of it, who is the sender, how often do they get it if they remain over?

    Who gets the quota email for the catchall account that probably no one at their company knows exists or knows how to deal with : |

  2. j_kev@

    j_kev@ Guest

    Mailbox quota. Specify the amount of disk space in kilobytes that is allocated to each mailbox.
    hard quota

    "Hard disk quota" is a file system feature and it limits how much disk space can be taken by files which are owned by a specific system account (either domain FTP user or webuser or subdomain FTP user). This file system quota cannot be exceeded and if the limit is reached, the system user will not be able to create files anymore but error "no more space left on device" will appear. You can set domain hard disk quota on the domain hosting setup page Domains -> DOMAIN_NAME -> Setup -> Hard disk quota.
  3. john39390000

    john39390000 Guest

    Hmm, that hard disk quota part you quote is a different setting. There are two disk size-related settings on the Domains/[a domain]/Limits page:

    "Disk space. Specify the total amount of disk space in megabytes that is allocated
    to the customer. It includes disk space occupied by all files related to user's
    domains/web sites: web site contents, databases, applications, mailboxes, log
    files and backup files. This is the so-called soft quota: when it is exceeded, the
    user account and domain names/web sites are not suspended automatically,
    only the appropriate notices are sent to your and your customer's e-mail
    addresses and the resource overage is indicated by the icon shown in your
    and your customer's control panels to the left of the user name (see the list of
    clients that opens when you click the Clients shortcut in the navigation pane) or
    domain name (see the list of domain names that opens when you click the
    Domains shortcut in the navigation pane)."

    And then the more mysterious:

    "Mailbox quota. Specify the amount of disk space in kilobytes that is allocated to
    each mailbox."