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Sitebuilder added during last upgrade, won't create databases

Discussion in 'Plesk for Linux - 8.x and Older' started by bcscomp, Sep 5, 2005.

  1. bcscomp

    bcscomp Guest

    here's one, haven't seen this one in the forums so here goes.

    recently Plesk was upgraded, and in the email message i got it had some information about http://sitebuilder.web.bcs1.net
    ok so i setup the domain, went to the page it has everything filled in except the database password, i enter that, then click ok or whatever it was and i get a failure page with a link to the log.
    so i click it....
    [5-September-2005 6:38:46] Log of installation process
    [5-September-2005 6:38:46] Create dirs...........
    [5-September-2005 6:38:46] The dir "temp" is created ...Ok
    [5-September-2005 6:38:46] The dir "work" is created ...Ok
    [5-September-2005 6:38:46] The dir "users" is created ...Ok
    [5-September-2005 6:38:46] Create config file..........
    [5-September-2005 6:38:46] Unlink file "/usr/local/sitebuilder/include/config.php" ..... Ok
    [5-September-2005 6:38:46] Process sql-query: CREATE DATABASE sitebuilder
    [5-September-2005 6:38:46] Result:...... Error: (code=)
    [5-September-2005 6:38:46] Error on query >> CREATE DATABASE sitebuilder
    [5-September-2005 6:38:46] Create DataBase "sitebuilder"..... fail
    [5-September-2005 6:38:46] Create tables...........
    [5-September-2005 6:38:46] Process of installation has come to the end with failure. Database tables have not been created... Please, check it...

    any thoughts? ideas?
    this is part of the reason i was doing a clean install mentioned in my other post

    Thanks in advance