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Sitebuilder and Plesk Panel behind Firewall

Discussion in 'SiteBuilder' started by synergypro, Oct 28, 2010.

  1. synergypro

    synergypro Guest

    Can someone answer a configuration question for me. Support has been totally useless, they've been screwing around for over a week and seem to have no clue. They can tell me what the problem is but are unable to tell me how to fix it.

    When I have Plesk Panel configured to work behind a firewall (Web Hosting Settings IP Address is the internal address of as described in documentation my site is visiable by the public using the public IP address. However in this configuration, Sitebuilder is not able to publish the site or "Verify Location".

    When I setup the site in Plesk to use the Public IP address in the Web Hosting Settings, Sitebuilder is able to "Verify Location" and publish the site. However when trying to access the site using the public URL / IP the user is shown the "Default Plesk website" and not the specific site.

    One workaround support did was to MANUALLY add an entry to /etc/hosts for the internal IP / domain name. However that's not acceptable because I don't want to add an entry everytime someone creates a domain.

    Any suggestions?