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Smartermail mailboxes/aliasses

Discussion in 'Plesk 10.x for Windows Issues, Fixes, How-To' started by zebrafilm, Nov 22, 2010.

  1. zebrafilm

    zebrafilm Guest

    While working on an updated Plesk 10 set, I noticed some strange behavior of Plesk in combination with Smartermail:
    It seems that Plesk can make user accounts with email addresses, that creates mailboxes in SM.

    When I create a 'mailaddress' it also creates a mailbox in SM. Adding a forwarder to the email address creates a dummy alias account that forwards to the forwarding email address I entered before. I guess this is to get around the single email address forwarding of SM.

    I assumed that creating an email address would be similar to creating an alias in SM but Plesk also creates a full email/userbox in SM.
    Meaning every alias counts towards my license limit.
    I see no option to create only a forwarding address.

    Did I miss something?
    Any reason why a full userbox needs to be created for a single alias address?